Hidden Magic Presents: Bear Facts Educator of the Issue – February 2022


Evelyn Regan, Contributing Writer

Mr. Al Mazzotta

When you think of a simple drawing that you did when you were younger, whether that was when you were in school or at home, there was some sort of amazing creative environment that would consume you while you. Having taken three of Mr. Mazzotta’s classes, the environment that he created always brought that sense of calm, clean, creative energy that gave me and his students the motivation to be part of the art world again.
Being a person of such incredible art skill is unbelievable enough, but Mr. Mazzotta also excels at teaching photography, Honors Art, and AP Art which consists of multiple forms of art like drawing, painting, coloring, and digital. Not only is he a wonderful artist, but he also has such a fun personality that revolves around humor and wit. Have a conversation with this man, and you’ll find yourself laughing at some sort of clever remark. His personality is contagious, carrying a fun attitude on his shoulders every day. Maya Szewczyk, a former student of Mr. Mazzotta, said, “Mr. Mazzotta is so nice and funny! He was my favorite art teacher and is very personable.” Another student, Nuala Alvord, mentions, “Mazzotta always has the best sense of humor in my opinion. He’s quick to clap back and always has some witty comment up his sleeve. I’m glad to have an art teacher who can crack me up.”
Unlike many teachers, he allows for creative freedom towards what you want to do during his class. I’ve observed over the years, whether that be from a student or another faculty member, that he has this way of helping someone without making them feel like they can’t draw. He’s great at giving tips and tricks to expand an idea for a piece of artwork, too. The best part of his encouraged ideas was the fact that over time, you start to need his input less and less, as he builds a confidence that leads you through your own artistic journey, eventually altering criticisms into compliments about your progression and how strong your abilities have become. That’s the type of admiration that Mr. Mazzotta gives to his students, which creates lots of self-assurance.
Mazzotta isn’t just an ordinary art teacher that dictates what you have to do: he is someone whom everybody loves. He is a really important piece to the Brewster community and leaves a constructive impact on his students who will remember him even after they graduate.