Habitat for Humanity: Working to Make the World a Better Place

Josh Herman, Elsa Neubauer, Diana Magnan, and Josie Conti pride themselves on a beautiful job well done.

Josie Conti

Twenty-five years ago, it all started. Mr. Gallacher and one of his students saw how dreary and unkempt the school grounds were, so they planted flowers around the flagpole out front. When the Habitat for Humanity club began, it seemed like such an easy task for them to take it on. It started as something small but quickly expanded to something more. Every year, Habitat for Humanity replants the flowers out front and all across the grounds because Habitat for Humanity wants the students to be proud of the school they attend.

The club also participates in many other activities geared towards bettering our community. One major fundraiser currently going on is the Thanksgiving food drive. In this drive, the Brewster High School students collect enough groceries to make over 400 complete meals for those who may not be able to afford to cook their own. A portion of all donations goes to the Putnam County

Habitat for Humanity, which focuses on rebuilding homes and provides support for the people in our area.
Working to make the world a better place, Habitat sometimes starts at home, and replanting the flagpole flowers not only brings pride to our national heritage, but also to our school.