Brewster’s CyBearBots: Conquering Challenges and Building the Future

Traveling to Albany, the CyBearBots tackle complex tasks and a growing club

Riya Gupta, Contributing Writer

The CyBearBots is a group of dedicated and hardworking students who are passionate about robotics, engineering, and coding. We recently participated in the NY Tech Valley FIRST competition at MVP Arena in Albany, showcasing our design and programming skills. Our team spent six weeks preparing for the competition, developing a design for the robot’s components, creating scaled models of the game field components. We utilized 3D printing and plywood materials to build prototypes, working hard to learn how to control the robot and operate the grabber with precision.

During the matches, our team overcame the challenge of the claw-grabber’s fragility by collaborating after each match, we repaired and prepared the robot for the next match. We won several matches, but just missed qualifying for the quarterfinals. Our advisors, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Schneider, and Dr. Kozlenko, and our community mentors Steve Gallo, Eugene Kozlenko, and Jeff Calhoun, played a crucial role in helping us gain valuable experience with coding, engineering, and operating a robot.

The CyBearBots have repeatedly demonstrated that we have what it takes to succeed, and we are always on the watch for new members to join us on this exciting adventure. Our devotion and diligence have yielded remarkable outcomes, but we recognize that there is always potential for improvement. We encourage you to join the club meetings on Thursdays in Room 153 if you are interested in robotics, engineering, coding, or photography. We can design, build, fund-raise, write, and envision the future together!