Science Honor Society Trash Talks the School


When Science Honor Society students talk trash, they are talking about our “Recycle Roundup.” Yee-Ha!

Students put on their gloves and moseyed about each floor of the school, rounding up the Blue Recycle Bins of paper and other trash on Friday, October 20th. This practice was our first environmental in-house cleanup, as Science Honor Society separated the bottles and cans from the paper trash in every classroom. We will be collecting two times per week. Putnam County will be picking up the collected paper for recycling, and recycled bottles will provide for community assistance.

SHS Members included: Patrick Heuschkel, Edward Kaufman, Bradley Buben, Ryan Neubauer, Isabella DiDio, Rebecca Seaman, Nomica Xiao, Vladislav Bodnarchuk, Macie Marinich, Elsa Neubauer, Maeve Healy, Brooke Ryan, Jason Borsari, Paul Catalano, Kobey Hart, and Mr. Kilroy.