Top ten places to stay in New York State this Summer

Need a getaway from the daily drudgery? Check out these local and affordable options!

Do you ever fall down the rabbit hole of aesthetically pleasing videos of beautiful cottages, tall and sparkling hotels, or welcoming resorts? Then I’m sure you know about the expensive looking places that you can only dream about staying at. But, what if I told you could stay at places with mouth-dropping views, and backdrops that resemble the beauty of foreign countries that we could only imagine visiting? Places that hold a distance of two hours at most, in our home State of New York? With summer peeking its sunny aura through the dark clouds of winter, we can all use a short getaway to a place that will wash away all the endless worries of school and life. So, without further ado, let’s take a visit to some of the most popular places to stay at in New York State.