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Brewster Basketball Season is Revving Up – Here’s Who to Watch

Our sports writer identifies the top Boys’ Varsity players to keep an eye on this season
According to our professionals, these athletes are the ones to watch this upcoming basketball season. Will they meet, fall short, or exceed expectations? The upcoming few months will show. (Left to right) – Will Dignan, Matt Thompson, Harrison Schmitt, Billy Pappas, Christian Freeman, Isaiah Lopez, and Lucas Cabiati

Brewster football has ended, which means Brewster basketball is on the horizon. Basketball brings a sense of competitiveness that continues from the football season and is always entertaining to watch. The Brewster Varsity Basketball team is the pinnacle of the sport at the school. The varsity team is looking to build upon their 8-win season last year under 2nd year coach Mike Nicastro.

As a preview, here are my top 5 players that could make a difference for the team going into the season:

1) Lucas Cabiati Lucas is one of the best tenured basketball hoopers in the school. He’s made the Brewster team every year throughout his high school career. He’s had a leading role throughout the years as a guard and is one of the most consistent athletes in the school. Lucas is arguably the best shooter on the team. Although he has faced a slew of injuries, Lucas has shown the ability to fight through these adversities and looks to build on a strong senior season. The team will need him to stay healthy in order for the team to perform at its highest level. I bet he’s motivated to prove why he’s one of the top players to ever play out of Brewster.

2) Matt Thompson – Matt is a “twin tower”- the big man can defend, rebound, and block shots at a very high capacity. He started on varsity as a junior last year. Now, he’s coming in as a senior to further prove himself. His presence is felt anytime a player tries to navigate to the paint. One of his overlooked skills is his passing – he was second in assists for the team last year, only behind Will Dignan. Matt is a strong presence in the front court but will need to take on a stronger role with Connor Griffin gone.

3) Will Dignan – “Diggs,” as everyone refers to him, is a junior who is entering his third year on varsity, having played on the team as a freshman. While he’s known primarily for his majestic sharpshooting, he also led the team in assists as a junior. These skills, combined with his basketball IQ, can make him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

4) Isaiah Lopez – In my opinion, this man has been overlooked, underused, and recycled as an average player—even though he’s never been. He’s entering his senior year with a huge chip on his shoulder. He’s played on JV and varsity already as a role player. “Zay” is a shifty point guard who easily has the best handles on this squad, and that allows him to create more opportunities for himself and his teammates. This season is his time to prove himself. He has put in constant work this offseason to become a better shooter and better defender and is now geared to become one of the top players on the team. Keep an eye on Isaiah Lopez this season.

5) Christian Freeman – In my opinion, Christian is one of, if not the best all around player on this team. He can stroke the ball from anywhere on the court, get to the basket whenever he wants, has aggressive tenacity on defense, but also has the ability to be a leader. He will let his teammates know when and if they are slacking in any manner. I feel as though he’s a clutch player, as well. He’s someone that you can look to down the stretch for big buckets or clutch steals.

Honorable MentionBilly Pappas Billy has the build of a football player. He was the #1 option and star player on the JV team last season. His prominent role previously should translate into a big help for this varsity team. He’s gotten better every single year in terms of his jump shot and ball handle, especially for a forward. Billy has always been an incredible slasher, and that’s easily the best part of his game. This team has so many shooters, so Billy easily aids the team with his ability to get to the hole.

Honorable Mention Harrison Schmitt – Harrison is a power forward/center and is the tallest player on this team next to Matt. Harrison was a key player for the JV team last year, but now that he’s moved up to varsity, will his involvement be limited? Not at all. As good as he was during his JV days, he’s even better now. Opposing teams better make sure to keep him away from the rim, because if not, then he will yam it on anybody that his heart desires. If that’s not enough for you, don’t worry because Harrison can shoot the ball, as well. His shooting ability, combined with his height and paint presence on both ends of the floor, makes him deadly for this team. He will definitely enhance the team, considering key players left for college last year.

These are just MY top 5 players going into the season. There are still many more players on this team that are capable of causing a threat to opposing teams. Returning players, like sharpshooting Anthony Calicchia, or even all-around players like Kevin Fox, who’s been on the team each year, could be used to kill teams. With the mix of shooting ability, ball handling, and defensive presence on this team, Brewster Varsity Basketball might be a force to be reckoned with this upcoming winter.

Be there in person to witness them play!

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