“Avatar: The Way of Water” – Your Eyeballs are Not Ready for This


It was in 2009 that the Avatar film became the highest-grossing movie of all time. Seems like not much has changed with a new movie, Avatar: The Way of Water. James Cameron, the director of both notable films, has one of the best track records in the film industry. Cameron is the first ever filmmaker to direct three films to gross over $1.5 billion worldwide: Avatar, Avatar 2, and Titanic. In 2009, the first Avatar film won three Oscar awards and was nominated for nine. As of 2022 with the new Avatar film, speculations about what awards will be won have been in talk ever since the film dropped in theaters December 16th. Where the previous film was awarded with Oscars in Cinematography, Art Direction, and Visual Effects, this film is similarly nominated for Visual Effects and Production Design, but also for Sound and Picture.
After the thirteen year hiatus since the first film, Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, has been busy with his wife Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana; as they now have expanded their family with five children, who all play a pivotal role in the sequel. While having the perfect life in the forests of Pandora, a threat from the previous film has resurfaced and is now stronger than ever. Due to this unexpected visit by Jake’s nemesis Colonel Miles Quaritch, as played by Stephen Lang, Jake must take precautionary measures as he wants to protect his family from this colossus threat. As a result, the Sully family moves to the reefs of Pandora, where the Metkayina clan lives. However, in order to stay with the Metkayina clan, the Sullys must learn the way of the water in return for protection and safety. Over time, just as they have become settled in and adapted to the ominous seas of the reef, Quaritch finds their hide-out, starting a war between the people of the reef and his corrupt army. This commences at the climax of the film, with the best action packed scenes involving not only chaos, but emotion as the…wait, sorry, you’ll just have to watch the movie if you are interested in such a thrilling adventure.
As the film is only in theaters currently, I got the full experience. Each detail created within the film was immensely noticed while being casted on the big screen. Each wave, bubble, and strand of hair was remarkably well done using computer-generated imagery, which contributed to most of the film’s success. Many believe, including myself, that the plot of the original movie was a little bit too similar to the sequel. Even this being true, nothing can take away from the impeccable acting by the actors themselves. Just to even think that it has been thirteen years since the actors, such as Worthington, Saldana, and Lang, have reprised their role on the planet of Pandora is mind-blowing. Even though many believe that the thirteen years was too long between the two films, the sequel proved to be worth the wait. Personally, I believe that this film had a lot more to add than the original. There were more emotions, humor, characters, and even stronger acting coming from the actors as compared to the original film. Thirteen years is a lot, yet, by watching the movie, you don’t feel that way at all. I might have only been one at the time, but the feeling of the theater quickly brought me ‘back’ to 2009, as if no time had passed by. The transition in between both movies is smooth and stays right on track. It is suggested to watch the first movie in order to grasp some of the content regarding Jake’s past in the sequel. However, if you are more interested in the amazing CGI regarding the sparkling water, and perfect blue skin of the characters, then that might not be as worrisome.
All in all, Jake and his family’s story isn’t quite over. There is still some unfinished business, leading the viewers into a pit of curiosity over their next journey, as the next three movies in the series have been confirmed by Cameron after the drop of his latest successor. You’ve already heard what I had to say, but what do you think? Are you team original, or team sequel? Well, there is only one way to find out, right?
Go see it now!

With eye-popping visuals that are deeply enhanced with 3D glasses, audiences are enjoying the spectacle of this event. (Images courtesy 20th Century Studios)