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Hottest Album of the Month – The Tortured Poets Department

Apparently, there isn’t enough Taylor going around, so we need to do this again
Photo courtesy Republic Records

What songs are the best? How good is the album-score? I’m back!- With all the recent popular hits. And for this article, I’m glad to be reviewing one of the most popular albums of the month.  This month, I will be covering one of the hottest albums – The Tortured Poets Department – produced by Taylor Swift.


FortnightRating7/10 – This song is quite good. I find the beat and her voice very relaxing, and I could see myself listening to it during summer nights. I would say the beat is quite repetitive, which is fine, but I like how it builds up throughout the song, which makes it better.

The Tortured Poets DepartmentRating8/10 – Interesting… I like it.

My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys  – Rating9/10 – To start off, I love the beat, and it’s great throughout the whole song, as well as the vocals. Thank you, Taylor. I’m not sure what the lyrics entirely mean, so I won’t mark her off for that, but I will say that this song is quite good. I will definitely be listening to this song in the future.

Down Bad – Rating5/10 – I’m definitely harsh by giving this song a 5/10, but it’s just mid-range. But since the lyrics have deep meaning, it does make this song good.

So Long, London  – Rating7.9/10 – The beginning of this song is a bit odd, but I can see how some might like it; however, it’s just not to my taste. The song does have some great lyrics, which dramatically improves the rating. For this type of song, I understand why she’s speaking more than singing, so I won’t rip her off on that. Overall, it’s a nice song, and I think it’s decent to listen to.

But Daddy I Love HimRating 6.5/10 – To put it simply, I love the sincere meaning of her lyrics; it truly makes the song beautiful. But her vocals and the beat just aren’t as good, which deducts her rating. Also, I can’t believe this song is over 5 minutes long—that’s dedication.

Fresh Out the Slammer – Rating8/10 – It’s obvious that this song is telling a story or a personal experience of hers, and she did a great job with the lyrics and incorporating them into a song. Also, the beat, the guitar, and the vocals are all quite good. It’s really not a shabby song.

Florida!!! – Rating3/10 – Damn, this song is kind of bad, ngl. The beat, vocals, and lyrics all stink. Sorry Taylor.

Guilty as Sin? – Rating 7.9/10 – Not quite an 8/10, but this song, I would consider it as a comeback from her previous one. The vocals are great (but a little weird here and there), and the drums are a good kickstart to the song. Not bad.

Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? – Rating9.5/10 – I don’t know how Taylor Swift does it—make multiple songs over 5 minutes long. Damn, kudos to her. But anyway, this song is very good. Vocals-great. I love the beat; it really does improve the song. The lyrics are great, too. I hope Taylor can make more songs like this in the future.

I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)  – Rating5/10 – Throughout the whole song, I was just waiting for it to get better, but it didn’t. Really boring, but the chorus does help her out.

Loml – Rating9/10 – I’m happy to say this song is quite good! The piano in the beginning is really nice and gives a soothing feeling. Also, the lyrics and the beat mesh well together, which makes it catchy, and it’s overall a beautiful slow song.

I Can Do It with a Broken Heart – Rating7/10 – I do like how the beat builds up, but personally, I just don’t like it. I don’t know how to say it specifically, but the song’s just good. Not great. I almost made the rating lower, but I relistened to it, and I do believe the current score is the most accurate.

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived  – Rating3/10 – This song is just bad—the vocals, music, beats, and lyrics. Disappointing, to say the least.

The Alchemy – Rating 7/10 – Better, for sure. The beat and vocals are much better. The beats are doing the heavy lifting, for sure, but the chorus is great. I would listen to this song again just for the chorus.

Clara Bow  – Rating3/10 – To start off on a high note, the guitar—especially in the beginning—is very good. And I wish I had more compliments, but there are none. The rhythm is uninteresting and bad, and she could have done better with the phrasing of her lyrics to mesh more into the beat or music. And the vocals are interesting.

But Daddy I Love Him (Acoustic Version)  – Rating9.9/10 – Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. The piano is such a good choice of instrumentation. Taylor should do this more often.


Taylor Swift –  The Tortured Poets Department


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