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The Pros and Cons of The Apple Vision Pro

Could this product be our future?

Apple has recently released the new Apple Vision Pro. There have been a lot of mixed feelings about it according to social media. Some people have been using it for actual work purposes, practicing their instruments, cooking/baking, watching their favorite shows, or just enjoying the virtual world. Others spent their life savings on this headset just to review it for a YouTube video and give it their personal ratings.

There are many pros and cons when a brand new tech product launches. Let’s start off with the pros of this product. The Apple Vision Pro could be a great tool to use when trying to refer to something while doing something else. For example, when you’re cooking, you can have a video of the chef playing or the recipe right in front of your eyes so you don’t have to go back and forth between the pot and the recipe. Add in some music to groove while cooking and switch backgrounds while you’re at it. You could also be cooking while you’re floating around in outer space.

Another great pro is that when you’re watching any sort of show, movie, or video, you can simply lay on your back and watch it hands free. Furthermore, this could make working from home much easier since you could be anywhere in your house and still do work, even while in the bathtub.

Now let’s go over some of the cons of this product since there are quite a few. First off, battery life is definitely not the greatest. It only lasts 2 hours so you need to carry a battery pack on you at all times. The Apple Vision Pro does use a lot of power so it’s understandable, but they could have designed that part a bit better.

This product can also pose a safety hazard. Even if you think you can still see perfectly out of the headset, random pop ups or your tabs could obstruct your vision. A camera view does not replace actual vision. So if you end up wearing this in public (please don’t) and you need to cross the road, take it off or you may be run over by a speeding car. Even in your house, you’re bound to trip over or walk into something.

When wearing Apple Vision, you may start to wonder why you’re having so many headaches. This device could be a reason. Your eyes will hate you after you strain them. So in return, your eyes will be blurry and your vision will go down the tubes.

Another con of this product is Facetiming others. Let’s say your friend wants to Facetime you while you’re wearing your Apple Vision Pro. You then press answer and you wonder why your friend is looking at you funny. Well it’s because the product will make your face look distorted on camera since it can’t really capture your whole face. AI is used here to try and make it look like you, but it really doesn’t.

The scary part is that this could truly represent our future. We could wake up one day with everyone walking around wearing these headsets. There already have been many videos of people that are regularly using them in public places where people are ordering food, walking down the streets, shopping, and even going on subways.

In my opinion, there are generally more cons than pros because this is a new piece of technology and there will be many more generations ahead.

A typical view/interface that a Vision Pro user sees when logging in and navigating various tasks.
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