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Music Reviews Summer 2024: Charlie Bloss, The Biggest Music Snob in Brewster High

Xavier Lorenzo
Photo courtesy Westend61

Hello! I’m Charlie, and I’m reviewing the Billboard Top 10 of the week. I’m not giving each of the rankings a number grade because this is my opinion. There is no true fact when it comes to music, and this is all subjective. Feel free to agree, disagree, or say whatever you want; it’s your opinion. Don’t listen to an idiot high schooler if you don’t want to. However, these are my thoughts and opinions for the week of May 27th, 2024.

Again, prefacing, if I’ve reviewed the song before or if I just do not want to review a song from an artist based on their character or personality or just their time or how many songs from them are on the chart, I won’t. Also, choose to listen and review based on your own discretion. I suggest listening to the songs before reading my review. Again, it’s your life, so I’m not in control. So, let’s just start the review.

1) Not Like Us (Kendrick Lamar) – Let me set the stage. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been beefing and most likely will continue to keep beefing over “who’s at the top.” Depending on who you ask, either Kendrick or Drake won (I’m biased towards Kendrick winning because of a track that will show up later, but who’s asking), but this track rises above the disses to be a good track. I have seen people dancing to this song at clubs, which is tough when there’s lyrics like “Certified Lover Boy.” That goes to show how deserving of the #1 song this is. I have never seen a diss track make it this viral, and most likely I will never see it again.

2) I Had Some Help (Post Malone ft. Morgan Wallen) – Nobody helped either of them write this song, and it shows. Help each other out; maybe one day you’ll make good music out of it. Post Malone, while he has face tats, has always felt tame and corporate, and while he’s going with the tame and commercial Morgan Wallen, it makes a snoozefest of a song where I haven’t needed to take my melatonin for days,

3) Million Dollar Baby (Tommy Richman) – I don’t think the recent beef has slowed down this artist’s progression of a hit song, which is ultimately a testament to how good this song is. I like it. It’s catchy, but not catchy in a bad way; it’s got a mesmerizing beat, a recognizable hook, and ultimately a good song altogether. Easily complete, and I can’t wait to see what else Richman has in store for the future.

4) A Bar Song (Tipsy) (Shaboozey) – Corporate country is my favorite! This song stinks, and it is just too similar to everything around it. Sad, but don’t start out in the country music industry right now!

5) Fortnight (Taylor Swift ft. Post Malone) -Go play the new Fortnite season; it’s better than listening to a 34-year-old act like she’s 14. Grow up!

6) Espresso (Sabrina Carpenter) – I was pleasantly surprised by this song. It’s not bad, and given my last two reviews on this list, I wasn’t hopeful. But it’s refreshing—a possible song that’s played everywhere, put in by the music industry’s new it girl. Check back in 2 months with me on this song. There is not much else to say; go listen if you want.

7) Euphoria (Kendrick Lamar) – Normally, I don’t repeat artists. But this beef has been significant enough that I need to put it in this song. It’s what a doctor is and should strive to be. After Drake effectively went after everyone, calling it a 20-v-1 in his song “Push Ups,” Kendrick attacked everything about his person, from the way he talks, the way he fakes his Toronto accent, to even his false street credit and his racial identity. Normally, when people take shots at each other in a song, it’s a warning shot at first. Kendrick went right for the head, the throat, and the gut, while Drake tried his best to stay above water. The beat is great; there’s quadruple entendres and an immaculate flow. What do you expect from a Kendrick Lamar song?

8) Family Matters (Drake) – I feel that I was ahead of the curve. I have been a Drake hater ever since I came out of the womb. I do not like Drake. I’ve always thought he was the poster boy of the people who have acted tough and not been tough themselves. I’m admittedly not that tough, but I don’t try to act it either, so that’s a different story. To get back into it, I actually kind of like this Drake song. It was a great response. While he went after many different people, it wasn’t very focused, but it was the best way to respond in the moment. He needed to respond; Lamar made allegations, and Drake responded in a timely manner. However, I don’t think Drake and his team were ready to hear about the nuclear bomb dropped next.

9) Meet the Grahams (Kendrick Lamar) – I have never seen someone’s character attacked so much. I thought I hated things, but now that I have listened to this song, I am officially no longer a hater. I will choose peace because I have this much hate for someone, and it is still understandable; it’s insane. Kendrick Lamar alleged that Drake is on Ozempic, on drugs, and is a pedophile. I wish I could hate as well as Kendrick did; he attacked everything over a chilling Alchemist beat. I am shocked.

10) Down Bad (Taylor Swift) – I am very confused about the timeline of Taylor Swift projects. How does this even work? Is this about Kelce or Harry Styles? Where does this fall? Can someone explain? I just don’t understand.



Starman (David Bowie) – I just feel very hopeful listening to this song. I get joy out of listening to it; it just always reminds me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Listen to this song!

Orange Colored Sky (Nat King Cole) – I like this song. I don’t need to really explain why; I just like it. It scratches my brain in a nice way.

Proud Mary (CCR) – It was a very good song, and this band was very influential. Go listen!

Purple Hearts (Kendrick Lamar ft. Summer Walker and Ghostface Killah) –  I love Kendrick, and I love the Wu-Tang Clan. So, both of these people collaborating are a recipe for me to listen to.

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