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MAY I Ask You for Some FUTURE Advice? – REAL Letters from REAL Students – Schedules, Careers, Friends


Dear May…

How do I win back a friend who ditched me?

I am going to give you an answer that you do not like. You don’t. I don’t know the details of your situation, but from my personal experience and seeing others go through something similar, I can tell you that it is not worth it. Everything happens for a reason, and if your friend decides that they don’t want to be friends with you anymore, then you leave it alone. There is only so much you can do, and it is not up to you to fix a friendship that you did not break. I know that it is hard, but sometimes distance is for the best. You may be friends with them again one day, which is okay, but don’t force it. It is more important that you have respect for yourself, and in situations like these, it’s important to know that doing what is best for you may not be the easiest thing. Give it time. If they want to be friends again, let them come to you, and if that does happen, make sure you understand what made them not want to talk to you anymore.

Does filling my schedule with AP classes help me out more, such as getting into college or graduating smoothly?

Okay, I am going to tell you a secret that no one tells you. If you want to get into college, you will. No matter what, there is a college for everyone. If you want to get into better colleges, it is a good idea to have AP classes, but it only looks good if you can pass the class with decent grades. It is also important to know that filling your schedule with APs can become extremely stressful for you, depending on your time management skills. As long as you put in the work and effort, you will graduate smoothly, no matter what classes you take. If you are concerned with the colleges, take a look at some of the colleges you might want to go to and see their requirements so you can feel more secure about the classes you take. No matter what, I promise that you will be okay and you will get into college. Do not overwhelm yourself too much.

Is there a way to keep track of my credits?

I honestly have no idea if there is a way to keep track of your credits online, but I do know that for all the information that you may need, you have your guidance counselor. As creepy as it may sound, they know everything about you, and the classes and credits you have, so if you are curious, you can totally ask them. That’s how I found out about mine. It is important to use the resources that the school gives you, and it is okay to ask for help if you need it. If you are looking for a different way to keep track, the only thing I can think of is to start writing it down somewhere and then go see your guidance counselor so that they can confirm it.

What do we do if the career we previously wanted and chose…doesn’t suit us any more?

It is never too late to change your mind, especially now. The career that you thought you might have wanted doesn’t fit you any more, and that is okay. I changed my life plan about 10 times before I finally decided what I wanted to do now. Keep in mind that people choose to go to college undecided and then decide there. It is also important to remember that there are plenty of adults who, after a while, choose to go back to school so that they can do something new. Don’t be scared that the career you chose doesn’t suit you any more; that just means that you are growing and changing, which is totally okay. Now you just have to find out what works for you and what will make you happy. It may seem a bit nerve-racking if you don’t know exactly what you want to do, but it is important to find something that you like to do. Take your time; no one is pushing you, so figure out what makes you happy and go with that. Good luck!

Do you get to talk to your friends more when you go to 11th grade?

I do believe that I started socializing with my friends more in my junior year. This is for the simple reason that people started to be able to drive by themselves and meet up without having to plan around my parents’ schedules. I also believe that it is super important to have a balance between your school life and your social life because you don’t want to be overwhelmed with school. It is also super important to do things that make you happy and are stress-free. So to answer your question, yes, I do believe that I talked to my friends more in my junior year, but I also believe that it is important to make time for your friends now.


“MAY I Ask You for Some Advice” is an advice column to advise people on how to deal with their concerns and issues in the most positive way possible. I try my best to ensure that they will make decisions that will help them move forward on the right path. I hope you will write to me, in confidence, seeking my guidance. Just a reminder: I will not disclose any information sent to me. What you write will always remain anonymous. I encourage you to be creative with your usernames and send feedback so that this column will be successful in helping those who seek advice. You can email me at [email protected] or drop a note in our standing metal mailbox outside of the Art rooms. I look forward to reading your letters.

“PUEDO Pedirle un Consejo” es una columna de consejos para asesorar a las personas sobre cómo tratar mejor sus preocupaciones y problemas.​ Yo hago mi mejor esfuerzo para asegurarme que tu tomes la decicion correcta, ayudarte a avanzar de manera positiva. Yo espero que tu me escribas con confidencia, pidiendo mi ayuda. Un recordatorio, yo no voy a revelar ninguna información que me envies. Lo que tu escribas siempre va a ser anónimo. Te animo a que seas creativo con tus nombres de usuario y envíes comentarios para que esta columna sea exitosa para ayudar a quienes buscan consejos. Correo electrónico a [email protected]. Espero sus cartas.

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