Fall Sports Recaps – All the Action That’s Fit to Print


All recaps are as reported by team captains. Bear Facts makes every effort to contact any and all captains; any omission is therefore not the responsibility of the news staff.


Captain: Alicia Eder
Coach: Tori Francis

The group had an incredibly strong team this fall season. They began the season with a halftime routine to “Toxic” by Britney Spears, featuring Ariana Torke in a Toe Touch Basket. For halftime, they preformed a new routine with Roundoff Rebound stunts flown by Jaymie Greco and Ashley Ohara, and another amazing Toe Touch Basket flown by Ariana Torke. Toni Munoz amazed us all with her Roundoff Handspring Fulls and Roundoff Handspring Tucks on the sidelines and in halftime. Ashley Ohara got her Roundoff Layout, and both Ashley Ohara and Ariana Torke got their Front Walkover Roundoff Handspring Tucks. Alicia Eder got her Roundoff Double Handspring. These girls put in the work outside of practice at tumbling classes and are all constantly improving. Kate Katsetos joined us in the bear suit for our last sideline game.

Going into the winter season, they are prepared to work hard with a larger team. Ella Riofrio is working on Standing Tucks, Bella Laluna is working on improving her Roundoff Handspring Tucks and Standing Tucks, and Alicia Eder is working on Roundoff Tucks. Ashley Ohara is working on Roundoff Fulls and Ariana Torke is perfecting her Roundoff Handspring Layouts. Vivi and Monika are working on their Roundoff Handsprings. With so many new tumbling skills on the way, they expect to put out a strong performance on the mat with Roundoff Up and Full Around stunts.

Cross Country – Boys and Girls

Captains – Boys – Brice Di Carlo, Dylan DiDona, Patrick Ford, Owen Lennon.
Captains – Girls – Mikayla Goldberg, Maggie Rigano
Coaches: Renee Acquisto and Joe Scelia

Patrick Ford placed 1st in Class B Section 1 Championships and advanced to States. The Boys Team placed 5th place in Class B Section 1 Championships (and tied for 4th). The Boys and Girls teams placed 2nd in League Championship. All-League included: (Boys) Patrick Ford, Liam Ford, and Mark Fedio, and (Girls) Maggie Rigano, Mikayla Goldberg, Charly Vallecillo Mayorquin, Michelle Di Carlo, and Olivia Francis.

The team is looking to win Section Championship next cross country season!

Field Hockey – Girls Varsity

Captain: Ellie Cassidy, Eva Cucinell, Sasha Kulo, Emily Monaco
Coach: Jen Hershman (Purcell)
League record: 3-14-1

This season was like no other (finding out they were placed in a tougher league put a divot in their spirit), but after the first few games the team picked up their intensity and knew what they could achieve. They pushed each other in practices, and it truly showed in games. They gained a new level of trust this season and although the stats don’t show it, they left each game knowing they put their hearts on the field. From their wins over Walter Panas and Harrison, to the close goals against Lakeland, they’ve always held the bar high for each of their players and none of them ever disappointed. The team wants to congratulate its fellow teammates for their accomplishments this season:

All League Honorable Mention: Madison Clair, Morgan Brace, Sasha Kulo, Mattie Fitzpatrick, Angelika Tyhanski
All League: Eva Cucinell, Emily Monaco, Jackie Sherpa
All Section Honorable Mention: Eva Cucinell
Player of the Week: Eva Cucinell
Most improved JV: Kaitlyn Sayegh
MVP JV: Ava Katsetos
Most Improved Varsity: Mattie Fitzpatrick
MVP Varsity: Emily Monaco

The team has a strong group of girls coming up and they’re hopeful for the future. Looking at the youth players, modified and below, all the seniors know they’re leaving the team in great hands.

Field Hockey – Girls JV

Captains: Morgan Clair, Ava Katsetos, Eliana Thompson
Coach: Carly Corbett

This season showed amazing teamwork and skills by the girls. Goals were also scored by new 1st year JV players. Looking at next season, the team will continue to work hard and learn even more skills that they can use during games in the future.

Football – Boys Varsity

Captains: Ryan Costales, Chris Donohue, Willy Martinez, Dominick Renzi, Nick Sayegh, Chris Triolo
Coaches: Ed Mulvihill, Ryan Cleary, Mike Honey, Matt Cunningham
Seasonal record: 7-2

Week one against Yorktown was a huge win for the team, winning 33-20. That win was led by Chris Donohue who went 12 for 16 with 157 passing yards and 2 TDs. Also, Willy Martinez was with 13 carries for 96 yards. The defense was led by Dom Rienzi with 6 tackles including 2 tackles for loss. Finally, Luke Sanchez had a game changing pick-6. Three weeks later they beat Walter Panas 40-6 on Homecoming night. Nick Sayegh returned an 82-yard punt return TD which led to the team running away with the game. At the final game of the regular season away at John Jay, they picked up a huge playoff implications game. The game was led by a performance by Willy Martinez with 2 rushing TDs. Defense was led by Nick Sayegh and Massimo Parello with 10 tackles each. Also Massimo Parello sealed the game with a huge pick-6 in the 4th quarter. Although they took a tough loss in the first round of the playoffs against Pelham, it was a very good game. Great performance from Jack Golinello with 10 tackles and an interception followed by Chris Triolo and Nick Sayegh with 9 tackles each. The final game of the season they lost a hard fought game. Despite the loss, Chris Donohue threw for 291 yards and 3 TDs. Evan Knorr left with 2 catches for 79 yards and 2 TDs, and Matt Dunn had 4 catches for 70 yards in their final game as a Bear.

Football – Boys JV

Captains: Chris DiBiccari, Jacob Ercole, Colin LaMoreaux, and Kenneth Mejia,
Coaches: Glen Niles and Ron Reid
Seasonal record: 4-1-2

The team is looking to go undefeated next year, improving upon an already impressive record.

Soccer – Boys Varsity

Captains: Marco Gulla, Matteo Gulla, Louis Likens
Coach: Jerry Frieri
Seasonal Record: 0-15

Despite a tough season, the team only lost to Mahopac 2-0 the first time they played them, which was their closest game.

The team is being moved to a lower division, so hopefully the games will be more competitive.

Soccer – Boys JV

Captains: Lucas Cabiati, Erik Jakobsen, Danny McKee

Coach: Dominique Corrao
Seasonal Record: 0-16

Seasonal highlights included 80 saves from Jeffrey Perez Cruz, and 48 saves and 3 goals from Lucas Cabiati. The team expects a strong varsity team next year.

Soccer – Girls Varsity

Captains: Rory Charbonneau, Jillian DeRose, Gianna Gioielli
Coach: Mike Fratto
Seasonal Record: 2-14

The team’s highlight was their one real win this season. They had two wins but one was from a forfeit. The team was down almost the entire game but was able to score 3 goals in the last 8 minutes to win 3-2. Since this was their only true win and it was such a tight game, it was very exciting, and they spent a lot of time celebra

ting. When the team scored Brewster’s last goal, there were only 46 seconds left in the game and everyone could feel the intensity and heart.

Moving forward, the team looks to improve more every single season and get more wins. They strive to become more of a threat to high reputation teams. The team has many strong underclassmen that only have time to get better, so the captains think the team has a lot of potential moving forward. They had a freshman get All League this year, and she will definitely be a great help to the team just as she was this year. In addition, the team is only losing three people so the bond and connection among a lot of the team has already been established. Also, they want to continue to never give up and have fun as a family, even if the team is losing.

Tennis – Girls Varsity

Captain: Anna Peterson
Coach: Rob McCollum
Seasonal record: 5-6.

Highlights this season included 3 All-League players: 1st singles Mia Palladino , 2nd singles Anna Peterson, 3rd singles Claire Renault. Mia Palladino earned 3rd at Sectionals and placed 6th at States. The 3rd doubles team of Alex Schajer and Linda Xiao won 4 matches which led the group to securing 4 wins together as a team.

Next season, the team is only losing one senior so all the girls will be returning players who will be working on their game during the off-season. Mia is going to be even stronger next year and will have a real shot at winning the section, progressing even further at states.

Volleyball – Girls JV

Captains: Gabriella Gileno and Nora Keating
Coaches: Julianna Roma and Maribeth Powers
Seasonal record: 11-8

Throughout the season, the team has improved as a whole. There have been many highlights as a group and individually, starting with Courtney Pease whom the team could count on to bring them back up with her serves when they were losing. Next is Avery Dudones who, as an 8th grader, racked up so many kills for the team. Lastly, Aliyah Billar was always where she was supposed to be on the court in order to be ready for the ball.

For next year, they hope to continue working hard and putting in effort on and off the court. The incoming seniors will be great

role models for the underclassman and will help lead the team to a great season. The captains are extremely proud of their team and how they’ve grown over this past season. They can’t wait until they play together again, looking forward to next year for varsity, and can’t wait for next season.

Swimming – Girls Varsity

Captains: Madalyn Mattson and Fiona O’Reilly
Coach: Patty Kaufman
Seasonal record: 5-6.

The girls on the swim team participated in many in-person swim meets, winning a few of them. They all improved their times throughout the season, and they all participated in divisionals and sectionals. The team also went out to eat after some of their meets and all had a good time eating and talking on the bus. The team organized a bake sale at Kobackers and raised lots of money for the team. The captains designed shirts for the girls and the coaches and picked out matching swimsuits.

The team expects to improve in all their skills and grow together as a team during the next season.