Hidden Magic Presents: Bear Facts Educator of the Issue – May 2022


Kate Katsetos, Contributing Writer

Mr. Mike Fratto

Two words you will always hear coming out of Coach Castaldo’s mouth when you walk into the Brewster High School gym is “WHERE’S FRATTO?” That’s because Coach Fratto’s presence in the gym is a key part of the success in the Physical Education department.
Even though his talent lacks in badminton, he shines in every other aspect of Physical Education. Coach Fratto truly wants to make Brewster a better place and he really cares about his students and athletes. Personally, with wanting to be a Physical Education teacher in the future, Fratto is a great role model, and I hope I can be just as great as the teacher he is. He is always very helpful and is willing to teach me when I have any questions.
When Coach Fratto’s not in the gym, he’s teaching high school students all there is about health which isn’t the easiest subject to teach with all the giggles and comments that come with teaching certain topics of the class. Dom Rienzi says, “In health class with Coach Fratto, he was very serious about the topics he taught because he knows how important it is for this upcoming generation to know about all these aspects of life that we will be facing throughout the years.” Even when we fooled around, he made sure we understood the importance of what we were learning and why we were learning it.
Outside of teaching, Coach Fratto is also the head coach of the girl’s varsity soccer team. Senior Captain Jillian DeRose had nothing but good things to say about Fratto as a coach. “My four years of high school with Coach Fratto have been the best of my life, he is an awesome coach that has always inspired myself and teammates to play our hearts out no matter the score while also giving the soccer team a family oriented environment to always fall back on when we need it.”
It is very clear that Coach Fratto is a triple threat in the best way for Brewster High School. He has impacted so many students in the gym, in health class, and on the field. Brewster High School is incredibly lucky to have someone like Coach Fratto teaching the students of Brewster High School and walking the halls.