Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music

A column where self proclaimed producer “Jwill” gives his take on the top 10


Image courtesy Sovereign Health/Shutterstock

Jack Harrison, Editorial Board

What’s up BHS, have you guys been listening to a lot of music? Back at it with another review of the top 10 in the music.

1) Last Night (Morgan Wallen) – Usually I don’t like country, but this one ain’t too bad. That being said this song seems to be building up to something but it never quite gets there. It kinda seems like an incomplete song because Morgan just keeps repeating the hook but it never really goes anywhere to make it something I would want to revisit. Maybe it’s just too mellow for me.  6/10

2) DOGTOOTH (Tyler, The Creator) – This was a fun listen. It kinda reminds me of “Wusyaname.” Good beat, good flow, and another one I’m probably gonna add to my playlist. Not too much else to say to be honest.  7/10

3) Ella Balia Sola (Eslabón Armado, Peso Pluma) – Though I don’t speak Spanish, this was a pretty fun listen. The instrumental and vocals mesh together nicely and I didn’t get bored throughout the whole listen.  7/10

4) Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 (PinkPantheress & Ice Spice) –  I feel like most people’s gut instinct was to hate on this song as soon as it came out because it has Ice Spice on it but this song is legitimately good. The hook is really what sets this song apart as well as the instrumental which gives it the perfect bounce, setting the joyful tone which complements the hook and the verse. I also feel like 2 minutes was the perfect amount of time for this track giving it immense replay value. You only need to hear it a couple of times before it gets stuck in your head. You might hate the song by the time you finally get it out of your head but it is what it is.  8/10

5) Freestyle (Lil Baby) – Another very solid one from Lil Baby, I like this one a good amount more than most of the stuff he’s been releasing recently. Though it isn’t anything crazy and there isn’t any hook, something about this flow and the dark beat make this song just good enough to make me want to revisit this one again and again.    7/10

6) SORRY NOT SORRY (Tyler, The Creator) – Tyler’s flow and the smooth instrumental work together in tandem perfectly. I could see myself playing this during a late night drive clearing my mind. Tyler tells a pretty simple but interesting story about his various different failed relationships as he can’t quite commit to anyone. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just like this one.  8/10

7) VOID (Melanie Martinez) – I’ve never listened to her, but this was a good first listen. It’s like pop music, but there’s something off about it, off in a good way, though. Even though I don’t listen to pop a lot, if this came up on the radio I wouldn’t turn it off. I like the slight vocal effect she puts on her voice to make it wider and more pronounced as well as the subject matter of self-criticism in which not only artists have to go through but everyday people as well. The drum pattern is mostly simple throughout the track but builds throughout the track which adds a sort of “chasing” aspect which would align with her running from her own anxiety.  7/10

8) WARF TALK (Tyler,The Creator & A$AP Rocky) – This track has an interesting bounce with a funky instrumental complimenting Tyler’s subdued flow. I’ll always appreciate Tyler’s versatility as he half raps and half sings throughout the track with a constantly evolving beat rotating through a bunch of different elements in the background. The first thing I noticed is that it has a summer vibe, a nice chill bounce to it that makes you feel good. Honestly I had no idea how A$AP was gonna sound on this track, but he cuts through the instrumental with a smooth flow complementing the overall summer feel.  8/10

9) Fight the feeling (Rod Wave) – I barely ever listen to Rod Wave but this wasn’t bad. The lyrics aren’t bad nor are the vocals but Rod Wave didn’t really do anything different than his kind of Sad R&B that he got famous for. I’m not saying that you have to do something way different to make a good song of course. You can stick to your formula and still make a banger, but I checked some of his music out and his other songs have something that sticks out. This one is formulaic to the max. 7/10

10) Low Down (Lil Baby)   I wish I could give this one a higher rating but the flow and beat are both generic and quickly become drawn out. I’m not gonna lie, it was an enjoyable first few listens for me but after that, I noticed it had little replay value. Lil Baby’s flow easily carries this track with lyrics that aren’t anything special and the producer didn’t really do Lil Baby any favors. On Lil Baby’s “My Turn” there are much better songs than this one.  6/10