Hidden Magic Presents: Bear Facts Educator of the Issue – June 2021


Hidden Magic is a student-driven feature that highlights a teacher or staff member in BHS who we feel deserves recognition for what makes that person special. In each issue, we recognize a different teacher or staff member and show our Bear Facts readers why these individuals are the hidden magic at BHS.

Educators change the lives of students every day and one particular teacher has stood out in the minds of students for years. This particular educator has made an incredible impact on not only the students of our school but on the district and its teachers. Mrs. Chalmers has been in this school longer than probably any of us can remember, patrolling the halls, looking for those without hall passes. Mrs. Chalmers does an incredible amount for the school, whether it’s supervising Model UN trips, or working until 10PM when rehearsals are over for the musical. During her time at Brewster High School, Mrs. Chalmers has become an incredible fixture where we rely on and even if we don’t see it, she truly cares about all of her students with a capacity that is so great that I’ve never seen anything like it.
When talking about Mrs. Chalmers recently, Nathaniel Wdowski, a senior at BHS, said, “She is the glue that holds this school together, and I mean that literally.” Mrs. Chalmers is everywhere and she is nowhere. Her influence paints the walls of this school in ways we don’t even see. She is always on the side of her students in ways that we don’t even see.
I’ve known Mrs. Chalmers for four years now since middle school, and she is honestly one of the most caring people I think I’ve ever met. When I first met her, she was tough, and I was nervous, but the more you come to know her and the more time you spend with her, the more you realize what an incredible and funny person she is. She is the woman who gave me a package of candy when I was waiting for hours, and she’s the person who I remember sitting there through so many long rehearsals, listening to the singing and dancing that fills the school outside of school hours. Mrs. Chalmers is tough but she is an amazing teacher and person. I am so grateful to have her in BHS and in my life.