My Senior Year – Second Quarter Emotional Roller Coaster Responses


The author fishing with her dad, one of many who guided her along the way.

Kayla Rampolla

GOING into the second quarter with most of my applications sent in really took some weight off my shoulders. But that burden was replaced by a new stress: the constant worry of wondering if and when I would be accepted to the place where I would want to spend the next four years of my life.

Receiving my first acceptance is an experience I’ll never forget. I got an email saying that I had a status update on my portal for Elmira college. My heart started beating so fast, my palms were drenched with sweat. I logged into my portal and started to read. Confetti came down from the top of the screen as I read the words “Congrats on your acceptance!” I felt like a new person. All of the stress and worry about whether or not I’d be accepted to college vanished.

Knowing now that I have at least one college that wants me is the biggest relief I have felt in the three and a half years of my high school experience. And I realize how much I appreciate the people around me who have shown me their love and support throughout the process, but especially when I got that acceptance! I knew that my hard work paid off and my support system showed me how proud they were of my efforts.

In this moment I realized that I should not have stayed home all those times I had complained about going to school or taking a test. Doing well in high school starts freshman year. This pattern will get you much further than you can imagine. Whenever you feel like you can’t go to school because you’re tired or you haven’t prepared quite enough, push yourself. I have so much appreciation for the teachers and guidance counselors who pushed me throughout my years here at BHS.

My senior year is half over and It has gone so much quicker than I thought it would. Be sure to be present and appreciate every memory made here at Brewster High School because sadly, these times won’t last forever. Take advantage of each opportunity presented – even if it seems small and silly; these might be the memories that will last a lifetime. Get involved in school activities, go to that basketball game or volunteer at that bake sale. You never know when the experience will be the last one you have with certain people. Senior year doesn’t have to be all sadness and goodbyes: it can be about making the best memories of your life.