A Senior Year Series III of IV


Since April is now almost over, it’s settling in more now than ever that we seniors will be leaving. Being more than halfway through the school year, senioritis is prevalent in many students. Oftentimes, the school already makes us feel either stressed, disinterested, anxious, or all the above. Which ISN’T okay, but unfortunately we have to deal with it. But with our senior year quickly coming to an end. Our focus is shifting, and suddenly what was our whole life, becomes obsolete. There is a new beginning that awaits each of us, and the time spent on these tasks becomes questionable. With all these changes, comes a change in attitude. Maybe we aren’t caring as much any more, or maybe we are getting nervous, sad, more motivated, and less motivated. There are a multitude of things that all of us can be feeling at once.

With all of that being said, everyone feels differently toward this topic, therefore, it isn’t fair of me to assume what all of you are thinking. So I decided to ask instead! The question posed to some of our classmates was, “How do you feel being halfway through senior year?” Here’s what they had to say:

Marc Stano: “I don’t care, I wanna go off college.”

Dan Summo: “It’s crazy, the year is so short now.”

Anon: “Nervous, and I feel limited to how much I can do with friends and school before graduating.”

Ergys Shala: “Lovely because I love Fordham. Go Rams!”

Nina DeFazio: “Senioritis has definitely kicked in. Not that I’ve lost motivation, but it’s the calm after the storm, and I don’t have to worry about things anymore. I find teachers are being more lenient now knowing that as seniors, our motivation is going down.”

Matt Stevens: “Going by way too quickly because there’s not much to do left.”

Anon: “Doesn’t feel like we are seniors. It feels completely normal and nothing special.”

Jankell Gonzalez: “Crazy. It’s actually a phenomenal feeling. Having these experiences in my back pocket but it’s frightening because I know a lot is gonna change. I’m excited about the change, but I don’t want it to happen at the same time.”

Needless to say, things are clearly changing for us regardless if we feel that way or not. Personally, it’s bittersweet. I love Brewster, but I cannot wait to explore and live the rest of my life. The connections people make over the years become harder to let go of. But the idea of going off to college and being an independent adult is enticing. However, many people don’t feel ready as well. That’s okay! This transition may be tough, but you’re not alone. As a whole, our grade’s feelings are mixed, and I am positive that high school seniors from other schools feel the same way as well.

The immense amount of support from counselors both in high school and college serves as a crutch for those who are very anxious about this transition. You don’t have to be certain about anything; we are still young. I think going into college will feel like an entrance to the rest of our lives. We will have these same feelings when graduating from college or graduate school. It doesn’t mean we aren’t ready, and it definitely does not mean that life is going to get more difficult. There are so many beginnings and endings that change the course of our lives, this one just happens to be a commonality that we have been anticipating for years! There are different challenges, so learning to be okay with asking for help may be a good idea as well. No one is perfect, and things likely won’t be perfected on the first try.

Everyone is going to do great, and I have faith in you all. We got this!