New Student-Run Coffeehouse? Check. Teaching Lifelong Skills? Absolutely!

It’s a grind, but it’s a living. Students have full responsibilities behind the counter, especially when the lines get long.

Niahm Mulcahy, Contributing Writer

Earlier this month BHS got a new addition to our cafeteria: The Bears Coffee Den! “The Den” offers various healthy drinks as well as sweet treats and drinks for students and faculty in the morning. People who tried the different coffee flavor samples on the opening day were filled with positive reviews.

The Bears Coffee Den is complete with its own logo of a steaming cup of coffee, a chalkboard menu and volunteers who are happy to get you a cup of coffee or tea to start your day.

The Bears Coffee Den is run by both the cafeteria staff and the Career Skills program. A coffee shop was already in production when the Career Skills partnered with the food services to create a collaboration. The program gives the Career Skills students an opportunity to volunteer in their community. The students say they love running the business. They are involved in preparing, greeting and cleaning in the cafe.

Ms. Donna Schneider explained how the merge was a very easy one and that the plan was basically obstacle-free. She described the planning stage as very smooth: they approached Mrs. Hancock in the cafeteria about partnering with food services and it happened from there.

Food Service and Child Assistance Service are able to make sure the coffee den is up and running by 7:00 AM so that students can enjoy coffee, smoothies and baked goods.

The Bears Coffee Den provides breakfast options as well as healthy alternatives like smoothies, fruit cups, and tea. The menu was decided upon by the Child Assistance Services and may change seasonally. While this change hasn’t yet been confirmed, Mrs. Hancock agreed it would be a good idea to see seasonal changes. The Coffee Den also offers sweets like hot chocolate, coffee cake and a muffin of the day. Smoothies include Mocha Yogo Cooler, Caramel Yogo Cooler and Purple Daze Smoothie. These items all received lots of positive reviews on The Den’s opening day.

The Bears Coffee Den is open through 3rd period every day. If you’re craving a morning treat or some delicious coffee to wake you up, be sure to stop by The Bears Coffee Den and try out the many delicious baked goods or drinks they offer!