Kindness Rocks the High School ESL Classroom

Have you ever wondered about those colorful rocks in front of JFK? They’re kindness rocks! Which anyone can take!

These rocks were created by Mrs. Lappe, an ESL teacher at JFK, and her second grade class during the fall. The rocks contained inspirational messages that help students start their day with a positive attitude. These students also created a presentation to inspire their peers to create more of them, thus maintaining the supply. The positive feedback from our other schools in the district motivated the class to come to the high school to make more rocks with our ESL students.

In the beginning of March, a few JFK students came to BHS, to present the idea to Mrs. Russo’s ESL class. It was a beautiful thing to experience, with all students, young and old, getting along so well and creating such an inspirational product. It was a true joy to see the elementary students interacting with the high school ESL students, developing these kindness rocks together.

Spreading positivity and keeping the supply of rocks going, the 2nd graders and high schoolers refilled the supply and fostered a sense of community.