It’s Halloween at BHS! – Costume Photo Gallery and Roving Reporter

Well, the Bear Facts photographers were at it again. They’ve been just about everywhere this week, haunting the halls, classrooms, and cafeteria, taking pictures of students in their
Halloween costumes.  Then they posted those pictures to our Bear Facts website for your holiday enjoyment!  And our roving reporter was out asking questions:


Halloween Questions:

  1. What are you for Halloween?
  2. How long have you celebrated Halloween?
  3. What are you planning to do to celebrate Halloween this year?

Tyler Livingston, 11

  • “Nico”
  • “Four years, my parents wouldn’t let me out until I was 13.”
  • “Halloween Party”

Nico Surace, 11

  • “Stewie Griffin”
  • “Sixteen years”
  • “A Halloween Party”

Jessica Schmidt, 10

  • “Sully from Monsters Inc.”
  • “Fifteen years, my whole life.”
  • “Going out with my friends and having some fun.”

Jennifer Sangalli, 10

  • “Armed Forces”
  • “My whole life.”
  • “Hanging out with my friend.”

Kennedy Zambrano, 12

  • “I wanted to match my friend.”
  • “Since I was born.”
  • “I probably will be hanging out with friends.”

Ash Connolly, 9

  • “Alex from ‘Clockwork Orange’.”
  • “All my life.”
  • “I have no idea.”

Jessie Arias, 10

  • “Nickelodeon”
  • “Since I was one-year-old.”
  • “I am going to go to someone’s house.”

Dakota Martinez, 12

  • “I dressed as the akatsuki from Naruto.”
  • “My whole life.”
  • “Going to a Halloween Party.”

Joe Esquillo, 12

  • “I’m nobody for Halloween.”
  • “I celebrated in the past.”
  • “Just bringing my sister to church.”

Valerie Boggs, 12

  • “A skeleton”
  • “My whole life.”
  • “Trick-or-treating”

Sofia Galizia, 12

  • “Italia Soccer Player.”
  • “My whole life.”
  • “Trick-or-treating”

Isabella Wilkinson, 12

  • “Dumb and Dumber”
  • “Seventeen years”
  • “I’m taking all the kids from the daycare I work at to go trick-or-treating , then I will go out with my friends.”

Sierra Cervantes, 12

  • “Gargoyles”
  • “My whole life.”
  • “Tonight, I will be watching classic horror movies and shows.”