Farewell to Our Fond Colleagues and Mentors

Left, Taryn Bottge. Right, Terri-Ann Lisa.

Left, Taryn Bottge. Right, Terri-Ann Lisa.

Bear Facts sat down with two more members of our family, Mrs. Taryn Bottge and Mrs. Terri-Ann Lisa as they head out this June. Here’s what they had to say.

Show Me Where it Hurts and I’ll Fix It
After patching us back together, we say goodbye to Mrs. Lisa, Our Nurse

Terri-Ann Lisa entered the field of Nursing as a second career. She was a stay at home mom and wanted to enter a profession that allowed her to have flexible hours and do something she loved: taking care of and helping others.

Graduating in 1988 from Niagara University with a BS in Criminal Justice, she entered the working world as an assistant for Slotnick and Baker in NYC. “I loved the job because I met a lot of celebrities, went to a lot of great events and learned the ‘ins and outs’ of criminal law. It was long hours but worth every minute.” While she was at home raising her sons, she went back to school for a Nursing degree. Once she became a RN, she worked as a pediatric home care nurse and a floor Nurse at Putnam Hospital. “I also spent most of my time watching my 3 sons play hockey and lacrosse. I was on the executive board of Putnam Hockey Association and involved in many fund raising activities.” She settled into working at Brewster 18 years ago, starting as a substitute Nurse and then eventually full time at BHS in 2012 and loved it ever since.

Looking back on your career, what would you cite as the highlight(s)?
The highlights of my career as a nurse in BCSD are keeping our students healthy, giving advice and assuring the students that the Nurse’s office is a “safe place.” I enjoyed being a Union rep for the nurses and a member of the safety committee. I also worked with the administrators and staff to formulate a protocol for student and staff COVID testing. My number one highlight is working with the best district nurses around – the “Dream Team.”

What aspects of your work at BHS will you miss most? Least?
I will miss the students, administrators, staff and especially my nursing officemates who always seem to make me laugh even on the worst days. I am confident Mrs. Purr and Ms. Powers will take good care of the students and staff at BHS. I will not miss the Pandemic protocol, COVID testing, the Q room and contact tracing!

What have you learned from the students?
The students have taught me that not every ailment is physical. Sometimes you need to sit and talk to the student to peel back the layers and find out what is really going on.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in education/at BHS?
Try to find something everyday that makes you smile. Support your co-workers. Also, remember you were young once, too.

What’s something that many don’t know about you?
I am a Bravoholic. I love documentaries, crime stories, M&M’s, traveling, and the beach, in no specific order.

If you could recommend one place everyone should visit, where would that be and why?
Ireland, it really is a lush green! The people are the friendliest I have ever encountered! And the history and stories, amazing!

What are your hopes/plans for retirement?
My son is getting married in August, so I still have some planning to do. Hopefully, I will be able to travel with my husband, family and friends. I am retiring from Brewster but not as a nurse so there will be another chapter in my nursing career. Who knows, maybe you will see me next school year in the Nurse’s office for the day!

Bear Facts wishes Mrs. Lisa lots of love, care, and time watching Bravo.


Mrs. Bottge Made us Laugh When We Needed it the Most

Our wit, our wisdom, our voice – We could always rely on her

Mrs. Taryn Bottge has loved every minute of her job, which is quite the statement given the Grand Central Station that is the main office. A fixture for years, she is the heart and hub of so many things that students have come to rely on, and more than likely take for granted. She’s the one with all the answers and is the voice of our pledge. Never wanting to be the center of attention, we managed to get a few answers out of her regarding what she’s loved about Brewster High School:

“(I love) the students and the goodness and excitement they bring to the building. Friendships and free advice. Watching students grow from freshman to senior year-and knowing that among them will be some really well known adults in a variety of areas. Seeing new teachers become great teachers. Lots of Brewster alumni! How we all come together in times of sadness and difficulty. And finally having a principal who is a leader. And of course all the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ moments-and there are a lot.”

As she leaves, her advice to new teachers is that “You’ve got a lot to learn…go with the flow.”

And what’s next for her? “Finally, I can finish a project on the same day I start! The sky’s the limit!!”

Bear Facts wishes Mrs. Bottge all that the world has to offer in her retirement!