Career Skills Find Fashion, Politics, and Puppies

Wow, those Career Skills kids never slow down, do they? With a busy few months, and more plans for the future, we checked in with the classes and their dedicated teachers to see just what awesome work they are doing.

Ann’s Place Fashion Show
Wednesday, April 27th was the annual Fashion Show to benefit Ann’s Place in Danbury. Ann’s Place is an organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by cancer. The Brewster High School Career Skills Program collaborated with the Brewster Students Against Cancer to provide baked goods for the show’s models who are cancer survivors. These donations are a symbol of our support to those in the fight and our dedication to finding a cure. Career Skills students made blueberry, cinnamon streusel, chocolate chip, and apple muffins and bagged the homemade treats that the BSAC students made.

Reception for Senator Harkham and Senator Mayer
The Career Skills students prepared a red, white, and blue buffet to welcome Senator Harkham and Senator Mayer to Brewster High School. Red velvet cupcakes, muffins with blueberries and craisins, and parfaits layered with strawberries and blueberries filled the patriotic table, making the senators feel right at home.

Warriors Fundraiser
The Warriors Club teamed up with the Career Skills students to raise money for mental health awareness. The students came together in the Career Skills kitchen to mix, mold and bake homemade dog treats that were sold in the BHS Cafe. Over 500 dog biscuits were made and the extras were donated to a local animal shelter. Together these students raised $240 dollars!