The Vaccines are Here and “Normal” is Within Sight


After more than a year since quarantine and this whole nightmare began, things are finally turning up with some permanent changes. The creation of the COVID vaccine has allowed for infection numbers to go down drastically as well as allow for less severe symptoms of COVID. Three of the most widespread vaccines are from Johnson and Johnson (Janssen)– which only has one shot, Moderna– which has two shots, and Pfizer– which also has two shots and is currently the only vaccine approved and in use with minors. With the creation and widespread use of the COVID vaccines, minors as young as 12 are now being allowed and encouraged to get them. An emergency order was used when the FDA approved the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines for those 18 and above while the Pfizer Vaccine was given an emergency order for those now 12 and above. The Emergency Use Authorization is a mechanism used to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures during public health emergencies. It essentially allows for unapproved medical products, such as the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, to be used in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious diseases.
While some distrust them, these vaccines have become widespread with more than half the adult population in the US being vaccinated by them. Considered safe for adults, they’ve only recently opened up to minors with more than 4 million kids under the age of 17 having been vaccinated. Although kids 12 and older can be vaccinated, testing on possible effects on children younger than 12 is still currently happening in clinical trials. It’s hoped that these vaccines will be safe for small children to use by the fall. Clinical trials are currently taking place for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines on small children while the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine is still currently going through a clinical trial with 12-17 year olds, although those results have not been announced.
Some concerns about the vaccines in younger children, as well as in adults, is their lack of thorough testing since and their long term effect on the body. These concerns are totally valid, and time will reveal the outcome. However, with this vaccine and with most of the population vaccinated, it will make it much easier for communities, workplaces, and schools to open within the next year. With more and more kids getting vaccinated every day, including this author, a major part of the population will no longer be at risk for an extreme reaction to COVID. Vaccines for minors above the age of 12 are a major step in allowing everything to open up again and we are very excited for everything to return to a pre-COVID state.