Conspiracy Corner Presents: It was the End of the World, Yesterday

Remember, the question isn’t whether or not you are paranoid. The real question is, are you paranoid enough?

Conspiracy Corner Presents: It was the End of the World, Yesterday

Amy Rivadeneira

The end of the world conspiracy has been on all social media outlets these last few weeks. It seems like every big conspiracy theorist has shared his or her opinion on it already, so we are here to share it with you if you haven’t heard about this crazy conspiracy yet.

This huge theory all started with a boy named Ty (@strayedaway on Twitter). He shared a thread with his followers of some creepy encounters and experiences he faced which started on March 13th. It

Twitter account feed of @strayedaway, also known as “Ty,” showing some of the mysterious message he recently received.

all first began with a frightening voicemail that he received from an unknown caller. The voice on the other line was clearly an automated one that spoke words from the NATO phonetic alphabet. It was 26 words used in place of letters, with the beginning of each code word standing for a letter in the alphabet (for example the code word “Alpha” stands for the letter “A”). These codes have been regularly used by the United States Military. The voicemail translated to this message: DANGER SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE BE CAUTIOUS THEY ARE NOT HUMAN 042933964230 SOS DANGER SOS. The numbers given corresponded to coordinates that pointed near Malaysia, very near the last known location of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 before it went missing.

After sharing the post, it blew up. People from all over the world were messaging him for more information, and some were even sending him threats. One message he received was from an account that ordered him to delete his post immediately, but Ty ignored the demand and left the voicemail on his Twitter. He then received another message from another account, sent in Morse Code. This direct message translated to: THEY ARE TAKING OVER 41818. Once the message was released to the public, everyone started questioning everything.

It is important to mention here that exactly three days prior to the voicemail, Ty posted a tweet about how he was sitting in his car in front of his house when he spotted an unknown man taking a flash photo of his home…that took place at 3 in the morning.

The flight path and disappearance area of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (above), which has yet to be found, corresponds directly with the image (below) of the voicemail coordinates of where the supposed invasion was to begin.

In terms of the Malaysia Flight 370, it mysteriously disappeared in March 2014, and to this day, no one knows what happened to the plane

and its 239 passengers. The last conversation between the pilot and air control has since been released. Theorists have picked up an odd change

in the pilot’s voice during the last moments of the recording: he stuttered more, used many word fillers, and changed the pitch of his voice as compared to his earlier conversations. They believe that there could have been something nonhuman on that plane that caused the sudden disappearance of flight 370, which ties together with the voicemail, giving a creepier implication to the Twitter posting.

When more theories began to surface, Ty’s Twitter account was deactivated, leaving people concerned and confused. He eventually had a Skype interview with famous YouTube star Shane Dawson, where Ty confirmed that his thread was, in fact, real and was not an elaborate plan he created to gain followers.

Clearly, this theory has been debunked. We weren’t taken over by aliens and the Malaysian flight continues to be a mystery, but it is interesting hearing so many different sides to this theory, putting information together, and coming up with our own conclusions. This wouldn’t be the first time people on social media have tried predicting the end of the world, and it definitely won’t be the last.