Mrs. Chalmers Gets The ‘Women of Distinction’ Award

No longer our wonderful local secret, now everyone knows how great she is


The powerhouse of Brewster High School, Mrs. Chalmers, received an amazing honor this past month. She was one of 63 Women of Distinction who were honored at the Capital, and nominated by New York Senator Peter Harckham, for her dedication and service to our community.

The Women of Distinction award goes out to women who make a difference in their community and showcase power and leadership. Many notable and inspiring women have won the award before her such as Raquel Willis, Joyce Hale, Margaret Burroughs, and now our very own Anne Marie Chalmers.

Mrs. Chalmers has been working at Brewster schools for 18 years, making sure that the school is a safe and fun place for everyone involved, from teachers to students. She organizes some of the biggest events in the district such as the widely popular Mr. Brewster, as well as being a lovely presence for anyone who walks the halls of Brewster High School. Mrs. Chalmers also wears many hats by being not just a chaperone, but also a Performing Arts Coordinator, as well as most recently an assistant to the Athletics Director.

Mrs. Chalmers has made such an enormous impact on the Brewster community. Superintendent Dr. Laurie Bandlow has said “[We are] so grateful for the dedication and spirit of Ann Marie Chalmers. She works every day for our students. We congratulate her on this prestigious award. It is well-deserved.”

Dr. Bandlow isn’t the only one boasting about Mrs. Chalmers, as her daughter, Fiona Chalmers-Pallidino, had this to say in a Facebook post dedicated to her mother: “My mom always goes above and beyond without ever expecting for it to be returned. She cares deeply for so many people, particularly the kids in the Brewster community. She is a woman of her word and would never ask others to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. She has a solution for everything (even if you don’t ask for it!) She won’t hesitate to jump feet first into things she knows nothing about making her a Jack of all trades. My mom is blunt and will tell you how it is but also remind you life is full of chances. She works tirelessly to make her community a better place and believes in empowering others to do the same.”

Mrs. Chalmers truly deserves to be honored among such notable women, and we are so happy that she is finally getting recognized not only for the work she has done but also for the kind and wonderful person she is. Congratulations Mrs. Chalmers, and thank you for making Brewster High School so much brighter.