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Hidden Gems: Local Restaurants

There is so much great food to eat right around you

Our homes are not the only standing buildings within the two bustling towns. What stands between the stores, the rows of homes and apartments, the winding roads we know like the back of our hands, and the small alcoves of greenery and trees are the restaurants that we often look over. So, here are ten hidden gems—restaurants that will leave you never wanting to eat at home again!

1) Bus at Salinger’s: Brewster

The converted bus-turned-hip food bar is the perfect place to stop for a late lunch or early dinner. The painted blue bus is open from 12-6 on Saturdays and 12-5 on Sundays. Though the bus is not open during the cooler months of the year, it is the perfect place to enjoy a whopping burger as the brisk breeze of fall whips through, the warm sun of summer drifts along the fluffy ridges of clouds, or the blooming flowers of spring tickle at your ankles. So, next time you crave a picnic table lunch or dinner, type in the simple directions of The Bus at Salinger’s into your navigation.

2) Bob’s Diner: Brewster

Pause what you’re doing and think back to the last diner that you ate at. What are you thinking? Okay, now think of how many diners you’ve been to in your life. A lot, right? All the times that you, family, or friends have stopped at a diner for a quick meal; all the times you’ve left the vintage colors and bright red booth seats: if in your trek of diner memories, Bob’s Diner doesn’t come up, you need to drop what you’re doing and hop over to the classic diner that some might say is the heart of the little town of Brewster. The diner has been offering good food since 1955 and continues to serve the community to this day. Go soon, as there are plans to tear it down in 2024.

3) George’s Place: Carmel

Looking for a fast and delicious meal at an ideal price? Look no further than the enjoyable experience that George’s Place offers. Yellow booths, wooden tables, and mouthwatering food—what more could you ask for? And a little fact about this diner is that it was on the 2015-16 American Diner Revival show after falling under when the owner passed, leaving the family little time or room to fix the deteriorating building. Stop by George’s Place and feed your grumbling stomach with fresh eggs, perfectly put-together sandwiches, crispy fries, and more!

4) Clock Tower Grill: Brewster

Looking for a little bit more of a formal place to take that special someone, or simply just get dressed up to enjoy a nice meal with friends and family? We’ve got your place. With food to die for and a perfectly decorated, dimly lit interior, you’ll never want to leave. At first glance, Clock Tower Grill can be mistaken for a store in a small center of buildings, but if you look closer and step inside, you’ll be whisked away by the appetizing scents and cozy appeal!

5) Luigi’s Famiglia Cucina: Carmel

You can’t turn down Italian food. Seriously, you can’t; I forbid it. But if you insist on turning your nose up to the thought of a steaming bowl of penne alla vodka or a fresh plate of burrata cheese smeared with balsamic, placed on a bed of prosciutto (anyone else hungry?), you’ll have no choice but to change your mind after sitting down for a meal at Luigi’s. A family-run restaurant with truly amazing food in an ideal location. This is a place you can’t miss!

6) Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room: Carmel

Do you want to go back in time to the 19th century, when tea was enjoyed at a delicately placed table with handcrafted china, large stacks of mini sandwiches, and tiny little desserts? Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room stands out amongst your typical restaurants and sparkles with bright, floral pastels and lively aromas of warm, fresh biscuits. Though the name says “tea,” that is not all they have to offer. You can delve into their intricate, ever-changing menu of tasty foods as you sip on the many drinks they have to offer (my personal favorite is their hot chocolate); they even have gluten-free options. So grab your tea hats and enjoy a meal at Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room!

7) Bliss: Carmel

Bliss is simple and delicious and holds everyone’s favorite lunch and dinner items: burgers, wraps, mac & cheese, hot dogs, salads, and so much more. The relaxed and comfortable ambiance of Bliss makes it the perfect place to sit down with family or friends, enjoying your meal as you forget about the stressors of life.

8) Salinger’s: Brewster

The big, not-so-much-a-restaurant sibling to the Salinger’s Bus, Salinger’s store itself is the ideal place to stop when in need of a meal that replicates the simple dishes from home. They have an abundance of options ranging from cowboy chili pie and shepherds pie to warm apple cider donuts and puffy, crunchy, pastry apple sticks, Alongside soups, meals, and deserts, Salinger’s also sells perfectly crisp apples and many other fresh fruits. This store will most likely become your family favorite when the sweetly appetizing scents of freshly baked goods enter your senses.

9) The Farmhouse: Patterson

What do you think of when someone says farmhouse? Probably not a cozy little place with good food! If you’re looking for a casual spot to sit inside or out and enjoy a delicious burger or hotdog with a side of fries, this is the site for you! You have the option of warm, gooey cookies or soft serve ice cream with melted caramel for dessert. Have I convinced you yet? The Farmhouse is a simple yet chic place to grab a fast bite to eat and holds a classic menu that can satisfy anyone’s palate!

10) Empire Bagel: Carmel

The smell of golden bagels, smeared with cream cheese, and topped with your favorite fixings—gosh, now I want a bagel. At first glance, the bagel shop looks like nothing more than a simple place to pick up fresh bagels for your week’s breakfasts, but when you step inside and become immersed in gallery walls, a menu full of options, and welcoming tables and booths, you’ll rethink your next bagel run, making sure to add in some spare time in between so that you can sit down and enjoy your sandwich, bowl, bagel, smoothie, or coffee.

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