Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music – Summer Edition


Welcome to our final issue of the 2018-19 school year! I decided to add a bonus track for our last issue as a thanks to the loyal readers who flip right to the music reviews every time they get the latest issue of Bear Facts! We have a whole summer of new music ahead of us, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be reviewing next fall. See you then!

1) Old Town RoadLil Nas ft. Billy Ray Cyrus – Now, this is a combination I didn’t think would ever occur. With a songwriter like Billy Ray Cyrus on the track, I knew it had to be decent, and I wasn’t let down. The chorus is catchy, the verses not so much. Overall, the song is not half-bad, but it feels like something that would be played at a bar mitzvah and would send the thirteen-year-olds wild for no apparent reason.

2) If I Can’t Have YouShawn Mendes – This song is simple, short, and sweet. I like the lyrics, and the improvement in Mendes’ falsetto can be readily heard. His high notes are frequent and clear compared to the airy ones that are few and far between in many of his other songs. This song stands out to me among his others; actually, the foundation is like many of Nick Jonas’ songs.

3) ME!Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie – I love this duo, especially in an upbeat song like this one. It’s good to hear a happy song from Swift right now. I like the beginning of this song, but it gets a little corny and childish in the middle. I find that section inappropriate in the context of a romantic tune.

4) HomicideLogic ft. Eminem – It takes skill to rap like this, and I respect that. With that said, I do not like this song. Not only am I unable to follow it, but it doesn’t really have a melody, verses, or a chorus to it. Rapping is an art, much like spoken word, but there is no music to hum along to, even if you don’t know the words, which I find off-putting. Some rap songs I can listen to because there is a catchy beat or background melody to it, but this song has none of the above.

5) Bad GuyBillie Eilish – Someone please tell me what is happening here? This song is all over the place while Eilish whispers strangeness. Suddenly she claims to be the bad guy and a funky beat drops. Where the bridge goes, the song completely resets with a new tone and beat, yet Eilish continues to sing in a hushed, creepy voice. Not my favorite of her songs, to say the least.

6) TalkKhalid – This is a breath of fresh air coming off the last track. The music makes you move. Very similar to other Khalid songs, he talks about love and has a rocking simple melody and beat. Vocals are excellent as usual. The constant clapping is what makes this song stand out from the others. It’s driven, but smooth.

7) Whiskey GlassesMorgan Wallen – Clever use of the word glasses, but drinking is not the solution to heartbreak. Sorry. Change the subject, and I really like the music here! A typical country song, nonetheless. You can really hear Wallen’s passion while he’s belting out the chorus. Yet, not the most exciting tune.

8) Pure WaterMustard and Migos – At first listen, I liked the melody in the background, but then it kept drilling into my head for the rest of the song. By the end, I was ready to pull my ears off. It completely ruined the nice beat. I don’t know what’s happening with the lyrics, but I couldn’t focus or figure it out because of that irritating background noise. Pure water sounds are peaceful and wonderful, but this song is anything but.

9) Act UpCity Girl – Oh my. Where to begin… When the singer switched I was just more and more disappointed. Not only were their voices, themselves, annoying, but the fact that they couldn’t even rap in time with the beat drove me crazy. Usually people choose a career in music because they have some sort of talent, which leaves me wondering why these women made that choice. Not to mention their lyrics sounded like a “Housewives” argument.

10) All to MyselfDan and Shay – I turn up my radio every time I hear the first strum of the guitar and sing along to the rest of the song. This song flows so well. It’s the perfect laid back pop/country song. I love the unique percussion usage. It can get a little repetitive, but I feel that device enhances this song rather than dragging in the way that repetition sometimes does.

11) ParadiseBazzi – This is a late night song to be listened to after a long day. Very relaxing with a few bursts of energy. Though singing about paradise, the song doesn’t radiate happiness- it’s more like bliss. I expected something a little crazier with the quick intro, but I like what Bazzi put together for us, slowing it down and including effects with a string quartet.