Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music – June 2017


This list is packed with great songs as artists march to the top!

1) DespacitoLuis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber
I guess Justin knows Spanish! This song is wildly popular and extremely catchy. Though Bieber was only included in the remix, both versions sound great. Has been rising on the chart for 17 weeks, being in spot 3 last week.

2) I’m the OneDJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne
I don’t really have any strong feelings towards this song. The melody sounds like it could be easily forgotten, but fun to listen to when on. Seeing all the artists featured in this song, it seemed like there would be a lot going on, but it was pretty mellow. Has only been on the chart for 3 weeks, being #1 for its first week, but has been in spot 3 for its second and third week.

3) Stay Zedd and Alessia Cara
Due to ‘Everything, Everything’ ads on Snapchat, I’ve been hearing this song nonstop in the weeks leading up to its release. Some of the auto effects are cool, and the lyrics are nice if paid attention to. Great party beat, with some fun drops.

4) MalibuMiley Cyrus
I love this song! A bit of country with beautiful lyrics. Cyrus revealed that this song’s inspiration is her fiance Liam Hemsworth. I could listen to this every day and not get sick of it.

5) Say You Won’t Let GoJames Arthur
Arthur has such a nice voice, and it makes this song so beautiful, along with the acoustic guitar. This song reminds me of Ed Sheeran, yet is very unique. This song is not as intense as some of his other performances, but has similar deep lyrics.

6) It Ain’t MeKygo and Selena Gomez
Nice chorus, but I could use a little less auto-tuning. This is very much a club song, but a good one at that. Whoever wrote this song must have resentment towards someone, because he or she will not be the one to help this person.

7) CongratulationsPost Malone ft. Quavo
This song is a tiny bit catchy and very weird. Anyone looking to become a singer, please remember the second half of your words. This review was hard to write because it was solely based on the music, due to not being able to comprehend the lyrics. The music video was strange and the song was not appealing.

8) IssuesJulia Michaels
I like Michaels’ voice, but she needs to enunciate a little more. The lyrics are a little confusing, but you can get the jist: they both have problems but they still love each. The melody sounds good, but the background makes the song sound almost creepy.

9) DNA. – Kendrick Lamar
The first half of this song was “fire,” but the rest wasn’t my cup of tea. There was an important message in the beginning, and I thought this would be a deep song until it further progressed. Whenever I listen to a Kendrick Lamar song, I’m hoping it will be better than the one before it, but sadly that’s never the case.

10) BelieverImagine Dragons
There is no doubt that this is an Imagine Dragons song at all. This song is so fun to listen to with drops and the repeating lines. In the verses, they list 4 reasons this relationship is toxic, and how all it brings is pain. I’m still not sure what he is a believer in, though.