Horoscopes for November 2019


Photo courtesy halifaxtoday.ca

CapricornDec. 22 to Jan. 19 (Jan. 21 to Feb. 16) – There is a power struggle in your midst, just don’t let it get you down! Your friends will be there for you to help you through it. You will be more energetic and optimistic by the end of the month. Life goes on and so should you!

AquariusJan. 20 to Feb. 18 (Feb. 17 to March 11) – Remind yourself that you don’t know everything. Use your creativity to make new things happen in your life. Aspire to be good and to do good this November. Prepare yourself for success, because big things are happening!

Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20 (March 12 to April 18) – Reach deeper, Pisces! This November, don’t be afraid to show your inner self to your friends. Socialize and meet new people. Connect with your friends on a deeper level. Expand your support group for it will help you in the long run!

AriesMarch 21 to April 20 (April 19 to May 13) – Emotions run wild this month – let them guide you: they will help you find success in the long run. Team up with people and express your creativity – let what’s inside shine!

Taurus April 21 to May 21 (May 14 to June 21) – Pay attention to yourself; you need a little TLC this month. Let your friends help you when they offer to. Let yourself be bold, and brave and try to be optimistic because good things are coming your way!

GeminiMay 22 to June 20 (June 22 to July 20) – Confidence is key this month, Gemini! Tackle issues head-on – don’t let the issues build up and get worse. Start listening to your heart and do what it suggests. Support your friends this month, let them know you will always be by their sides.

Cancer June 21 to July 22 (July 21 to Aug. 10) – Don’t let anyone tell you what to do this month, Cancer. If you’re unhappy, then make yourself happy by doing what you love. Remember you don’t have to change for anybody – be true to yourself.

Leo July 23 to Aug. 22 (Aug. 11 to Sept. 16) – Sensitivity is key this month, Leo. Be honest with yourself – take time to analyze, think and reflect. Find the big picture, but don’t automatically jump to conclusions. Take time to really find out what is bugging you, and develop a solution!

VirgoAug. 23 to Sept. 22 (Sept. 17 to Oct. 30) – Money is important for you Virgo; be wise and use it carefully. Put your money towards positive pursuits and you will feel more positive. Be kind and confident this month – both traits will benefit you.

LibraSept. 23 to Oct. 22 (Oct. 31 to Nov. 23) – Get real and don’t be afraid to show your emotions or speak your real truths. Follow your intuition. Try to show people the real you; make close connections because they will help you find your real self.

ScorpioOct. 23 to Nov. 21 (Nov. 24 to Nov. 29 ) – Reach out to someone you trust and open up; you will feel better and stronger for doing this. Stay resilient this month, some things are going to happen that you might regret giving into. Stay strong – know it will all work out in the end.

SagittariusNov. 22 to Dec. 21 (Dec. 18 to Jan. 20) – Ground yourself a bit this month, you will need to be strong. When you have time, relax a little bit. Consider your health this month and take care of yourself. You may find yourself needing to change your mind about something you have been kind of worried about – trust your instincts.

Ophiuchus (Nov. 30 to Dec. 17 ) – Freedom is your theme this month, Ophiuchus! Start to open up, and change things to surround yourself with happiness. Listen to the universe: it wants to help you rid yourself of those who bring you down. Why should you ignore that? Do things that make you happy and have no regrets; remember everything happens for a reason!