Our (Arguable) Top 1(?) in Music


Arthur Panetta, Editorial Board

What’s that noise? Is it the sound of silence? Whatever it is, it’s definitely not the sound of new music dropping. With the Grammys recently happening, the music industry tends to quiet down for awhile, not releasing many new songs. So, in this issue, we’re doing something a little different. First, here’s the one new song in the top 10…

1) As It Was (Harry Styles) – Harry’s lead song for his upcoming album took the Billboard Charts by storm! If you didn’t listen to the lyrics of the song, you would think it’s just another upbeat, happy pop song. However, the song is actually somewhat dark! Harry sings about going through personal changes and the lyrics have a theme of isolation. Although the lyrics of the song are interesting, the overall sound of “As It Was” was just a little boring to me, so it gets a neutral rating. 5/10

Since the Billboard Top 10 has only one new song from the last time I reviewed it, I decided to just compile some of my favorite songs that I have been overplaying lately into a nice spring playlist.