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Looking to be Trendy? We’ve Got What’s In and What’s Hot Right Now

Whatever your medium, we’ve got you covered

Looking to connect with what’s popular these days? Here are some categories of trendy things right now on social media and basically everywhere for teens according to our latest trend experts.

1. Clothes/Beauty Products

Low rise jeans

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS! Low rise jeans are back! These jeans were pretty popular in the early 2000s and then went out of style in the 2010s. Now these jeans can be seen in any popular store including Garages, Urban Outfitters, and PacSun.

Long socks over leggings

Another thing that has come back are long socks over pants, instead of being over jeans or sweatpants. It only takes one look around the hallways to see dozens of people showing off their Nike socks over their Lululemon leggings.

Crop tops

Instead of wearing long loose t-shirts, it’s now trendy to have cropped fitted t-shirts, which are known as crop tops. These tops could be found in any clothing store now.

Flared pants

Pants are usually baggy or tight, but have you heard of flared pants? These pants are tighter around the top of your leg, but then become loose at the bottom. Flared pants could be jeans, sweatpants, and leggings.

High Top Platform Converse

You may have heard of just regular High Top Converse, but have you heard of the platform ones? This Converse gives you around 1 inch of height. These shoes could be worn anywhere you like and could be a staple to an outfit sometimes.

UGG Slippers

Instead of having UGG boots which we all love, we now have UGG slippers. These slippers could now be seen at school due to the fact that they are comfortable and very easy to style.


These shoes are back once again! Crocs could be worn when being outdoors near the water, like for example at a beach or a lake. These shoes are also worn at school, with most of our students owning a pair of them.

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez is back at it, but instead of music it’s a makeup brand called Rare Beauty. This brand is mostly known for their blush, which is known to be very pigmented. Some other thing Rare Beauty is popular for is their concealer, mascara, and highlighter.

Drunk Elephant

This brand, which is called Drunk Elephant, has blown up. This brand is mostly known for their bronze drops, which supposedly make your face more tan. These drops are usually mixed in with their moisturizer that makes your face feel soft and glowy.

Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a very well known skincare brand. This brand sells the popular toner Watermelon Glow. This toner is put on your face usually once a week to have clear skin. Next are dew drops. These drops help moisturize, plump, soothe, and treat fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Social Media Trends

Marshmallow Game

A trend that has taken over people’s For You pages on TikTok is the “Marshmallow Game.” It is a game that involves 2-5 people, and the rules are simple: don’t mess up the pattern. You repeat a phrase about marshmallows while counting up from 1 until someone messes up. It is fun yet stressful.

Roman Empire Trend

Wanting to figure out if your boyfriend is a red flag? This trend is the answer. People film themselves asking their boyfriends if they think about the Roman Empire a lot, and if so, how much on average they think about it. If their thoughts are filled with the Roman Empire, it is supposed to mean that they think that their life is not filled with enough conquering and that they deserve to “conquer more” or take control.

Drake Songs

If you want to post a video of you lip-syncing, a commonly used option is Drake. Many of his songs including “Headlines,” “Trust Issues,” “Fancy,” and “Rich Flex” are used on a daily basis for social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift needs no introduction in this day and age. In fact, all of her 10 albums, not including the re-recordings of some of them, have songs that made it big on social media. These songs include “Cruel Summer,” “The Great War,” “Anti-Hero,” “Mad Woman,” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.”


So many new influencers that have a large following gained their popularity due to something that everyone in the world does every morning: getting ready. The only things that they do differently than everyone else is the fact that they film it and maybe have more expensive and trendy products than most people. They tell stories of how their day was and the drama that is going on in their school (most of the time they are high schoolers). It is actually very entertaining and makes you feel sort of a connection with their lives.


Looking for a good laugh, POV (point of view) videos are just what you need. From pick me girls/boys to people with supernatural abilities, these types of videos are going crazy viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram as well as YouTube. They are funny and so relatable.

3. Movies/TV Shows

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah

Adam Sandler is back at it again with another hit movie! However, this time he tried something a little different, with a coming-of-age genre starring his entire family. It does fit into his usual type of movie, with the script being a funny show that is easy to laugh at (however some people, including ourselves, may think of it as cringy).


This show, originating from books, is a great way to have that summer feeling even when it is 45 degrees outside. The plot is dramatic, and the scenic views are beautiful! Plus, there is a great chance that you might gain a new celebrity crush with this cast.


The true biggest hit of 2023 so far in movies, the new Barbie is a classic movie turned into something that teaches young girls about

themselves and the society that surrounds them. It shows its viewers a new side of the Barbie universe that had been overlooked until now. It is not only a fun watch for kids but a learning experience for people of all ages and genders!


Shows from other countries are taking the U.S. by a storm. One genre from Japan in particular has spiked its popularity recently. Shows like Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, and Naruto are reaching astronomically high views. They mostly involve people with superpowers and special, non-human-like abilities.

The Last of Us

This show, based on a game of the same name, resembles the zombie shows such as The Walking Dead and the other shows in The Dead universe but puts its own spin on it with fungi being the culprit of the disease. The main characters of the show are Joel, a cold middle-aged man, and Ellie, a teenage girl. Together, they travel a long way around the world in order to find the cure for this disease.

4. Food/Drinks

Pumpkin Everything

It’s fall time, which means pumpkin favors are back! This flavor could be put inside your drink like a Pumpkin Spice Latte which is sold at Starbucks. Pumpkins are very popular in desserts like pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cornbread, and pumpkin cookies.


If you are ever wanting a chewy drink, Boba is for you. This drink has tapioca starch, which are also known as tapioca pearls. These are small balls that are usually inside an iced milk tea. Some favors include, brown sugar, taro, lycée, match, passion fruit, and the original milk tea.


This soup-like snack has now become famous on TikTok. It’s a Korean watermelon punch. This snack usually includes watermelon, lemon-like soda, strawberry milk, kiwi, and ice.

Stuffed Sour Pickles

Stuffed sour pickles were popular back in 2020 when Covid was happening, but due to the TikTok shop it’s now popular again! People usually add sour things in them like chao and sour candy.

5. Songs/Artists

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has just come out with another album called Guts. This album includes the following hits: “vampire,” “bad idea right?,” “get him back!,” and “lacy.”

Taylor Swift

As we all know Taylor Swift is one of the most popular music artists with some of her biggest hits being “Death by A Thousand Cuts” and “Dress.” This pop star is now on a tour known as The Eras Tour. She had just finished the first leg of her show not too long ago and is now traveling internationally.


SZA is a well known artist, mostly known for her R&B music. Some of her most famous songs are: “Kill Bill,” “The Weekend,” “Low,” and “Nobody Gets Me.”

Travis Scott

Travis Scott recently came out with his album called “Utopia” with one of the most popular songs being “Telekinesis.” It became very popular on TikTok and features popular artists such as SZA and Future.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish came out with the song “What Was I Made For,” which is featured in the Barbie movie. This song has reached many milestones, with it even being nominated for song of the summer. She has many other songs that are trending right now.

The Weeknd

The most streamed artist on Spotify, The Weeknd is a globally known superstar whose songs are constantly going viral. He has even acted as well, and is a multi-talented celebrity.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican music star who writes music in Spanish, is a trend right now and is considered one of the most successful Hispanic artists of this time. He is a role model for Latinos all over the world and has many fans. He is often referred to as the King of Latin Trap.

6. News

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Swifties and football fans listen up! Two subjects that are exact opposites are colliding! After Taylor Swift attended a Chiefs game, the dating rumors between player Travis Kelce and the music star were basically confirmed. She even cheered loudly when he scored a touchdown, jumping up and down in excitement. True fans know that if Taylor does not want something assumed, she does not do public things like this. So, what are your opinions, are they dating or is it just a rumor?

Lil Tay is Back

The youngest wealthy bragger on the internet is back again and this time with a song to prove her impact and money. She announced her arrival back on social media with a livestream clearing up all the rumors she has been involved in, including the one about her death.

Olive Rodrigo Tour

The new young artist Olivia Rodrigo has come out with yet another hit album, this being the second one in a row. Not only this, but she has announced her tour dates for her global tour and is already selling tickets! All the Olivia Rodrigo fans better rush to go get yours before they are all sold out!

1989 (Taylor’s Version)

The global star who needs no introduction has just come out with the re-recording of her biggest hit album, 1989. Only coming out on October 27, Taylor Swift’s songs are already placing high numbers in the billboard’s top 100. Not only did she release her old songs again, but she added songs from the vault that did not make it to the album the first time. Go and stream 1989 (Taylor’s Version) now!

Eras Tour movie

The Eras Tour movie is now out in theaters. Most Taylor Swift fans did not get a chance to attend the tour that Taylor went on starting earlier in 2023 and that is still continuing, however, this concert-like experience is a film of the tour that makes fans feel as though they went to The Era’s Tour. People are even trading bracelets and dressing up as if it is a real concert!

7. Social media stars

Alix Earle

As you are scrolling through TikTok you may find this well known influencer named Alix Earle. She is known for her GRWM TikToks, usually going out for the night or spending a day out on her family’s boat in Jersey.

Katie Fang

This influencer is yet another GRWM TikToker. She usually films her videos in her room talking about college and her upcoming plans.

Wordle Group

As you might know, the app Wordle has been blowing up on TikTok recently. As this game became more popular, people started to blow up, with some of these people being the group Sav, Michael, Cam, and Kenny. Other than doing the daily Wordle, they play other word games together or individually.

Kayla Malecc

Kayla Malecc is another TikToker who blew up due to wanting a glow up. If you didn’t know what a glow up is, it’s when someone wants to change their look in order to be prettier/handsome. This could be anything from changing your style, hair, or makeup. As more people started to see more of her videos, some popular YouTubers and TikTokers like James Charles and Brad Mono started inviting her to do her hair and makeup.

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