Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music

A column where our opinionated music critic “Arty” savagely reviews the current top 10

Arthur Panetta, Editorial Board

Welcome BHS, to 2022! I hope you’ve been listening to lots of music! If you have not heard these songs before, give them a shot but keep my opinion in mind!

1) First Class (Jack Harlow) – I have heard a lot of praise for this track, but I’m just not feeling it. Fundamentally, this song is fine, it’s just boring. There is some clever wordplay used by Harlow in the chorus, but that’s really all this song offers in terms of being interesting. Unfortunately, this tends to be the case with most songs that end up with the number one spot on the charts. 5.5/10

2) As it Was (Harry Styles) – Harry’s lead song for his upcoming album took the Billboard Charts by storm! If you didn’t listen to the lyrics of the song, you would think it’s just another upbeat, happy pop song. However, the song is actually somewhat dark. Harry sings about going through personal changes and the lyrics have a theme of isolation. Although the lyrics of the song are interesting, the overall sound of “As It Was” was just a little boring to me, so it gets a neutral rating. 5/10

3) Wait For You (Future ft. Drake) – I love the production on not only this song, but on the entire new Future album. This track samples a beautiful song by Nigerian artist Tems, which provides for amazing vocals throughout. Future and Drake both drop quality verses. Except for the extremely toxic behavior displayed by Drake & Future to their significant others, there’s nothing to not like about this song. 9/10

4) Moscow Mule (Bad Bunny) – Bad Bunny kicks off his new album with “Moscow Mule,” an up-beat song that’s perfect for summer. I think the beat of this song is pretty cool but it just sounds like every other Bad Bunny song. This song is good and fun to listen to, just don’t pay too much attention to it because you can easily pick out boring moments or sub-par lyricism. 6/10

5) Titi Me Pregunto (Bad Bunny) – This song is pretty disappointing. It starts off with a promising acoustic riff, but then immediately shifts to this very simple, repetitive track. I will say, Bad Bunny’s flow on the first half of the track is top notch, but there is no melody to go along with him. By the time he finally introduces a melodic element to the song, his flow has changed, and gotten worse, and you have had to listen to nearly 3 minutes of boring music. 2/10

6) Big Energy (Latto) – I enjoyed this song. Latto’s energy and flow go well with the happy pop beat. I also thought the lyrics were pretty funny. You can tell Latto had a lot of fun making this. Nothing to hate about this song. 7/10

7) About Damn Time (Lizzo) – This song is good. Just a fun pop song. I really have no problems with it other than when Lizzo uses the word “Balenci-ussies.” 7/10

8) Enemy (Imagine Dragons X JID) – This song is just corny. The music itself actually sounds pretty cool, but I just don’t like the lyrics and the delivery from Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons. Maybe I am being unfair because I have never liked Imagine Dragons, but I just don’t like this song. And it’s really a shame because JID drops a really nice verse, I just feel like he doesn’t belong here. 4/10

9) Thought You Should Know (Morgan Wallen) – I’m usually a big hater on country music, but this song was alright. It has a nice, chill melody and except for a few corny lines, I couldn’t pick out anything bad with this song. I really don’t like country music, but it’s hard to hate on a song about a son thanking his mom for all she’s done for him. 6/10

10) The Heart Part 5 (Kendrick Lamar) – This song is incredible. The instrumental, which samples Marvin Gaye, one of the most iconic soul singers of all time, is amazing. It starts off as this jazz-like rhythm, but as the song progresses, the beat gets better and better, adding vocals and orchestral sounds along with more complex drum loops. Kendrick Lamar’s storytelling ability is amazing, as it always is, and the overall lyricism on this track is just great. This is a song that everyone should listen to. 10/10