The Weight Room is Awaiting Your Sweat and Promises

A room filled with healthy and heavy opportunities, the weight room is the perfect chance for those looking to tone up or to just start out in getting fit.

Kate Katesetos, Contributing Writer

Not just for team training, you no longer have any excuses to avoid getting into shape.

After long awaited anticipation, the Brewster High School weight room is officially open for business! Though the weight room has technically always been “open,” not many people have used it in the past few years. Being a varsity athlete since eighth grade, I had never touched the weight room until my senior year of high school. The only time I had ever been in the weight room was for Friday morning Murph workouts, which mostly included body weight workouts- not the equipment in the weight room.
At first, it never concerned me that the weight room wasn’t being used that much. I attended a gym outside of school so I never felt like I needed the weight room. But not everyone has the luxury of having a gym membership or a personal trainer.
A weight room is needed at a high school for multiple reasons. For starters, it gives students a free and easy way to work out and get more fit. No need to worry about paying for a gym membership or transportation to the gym. Students can go right after school and take the after school bus home. It also is a huge benefit for our varsity sports in the pre-season. Though most varsity athletes are probably working out on their own, it’s important for team chemistry to work out together as a team. The high school weight room makes this possible. It ensures that everyone on the team is “pulling their weight” for a successful regular season. There is just a special bond about nearly puking from a HIIT workout that just makes you so much closer as a team.
There is even a physical education class that takes place in the weight room called “Personal Fitness.” Physical Education teacher Michael Castaldo explains Personal Fitness as, “a physical education elective where students can choose to work out in the weight room, and workouts are geared towards students personal goals. Students have the opportunity to use free weights, cardio machines, and engage in team workouts that all involve muscular strength and endurance activities.” By taking this class, students have the opportunity to get a beneficial workout during the day without needing a gym membership or personal trainer. If students don’t have room in their schedule, you can lift in the gym after school. Physical Education and Health teacher Kristen Ohberg has even been holding workouts after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays that are open to all students who want to get a workout in.
Though I feel the uselessness of the weight room these past few years was limited due to COVID, it really isn’t promoted much throughout the school or to varsity athletes. It would be great if all varsity teams were given a weightlifting schedule that they can follow leading up to their season. I think the weight room can be very beneficial for all students if we put some more time and effort into promoting it.