Wise College Frosh Advice Panel Visits BHS Seniors, Lessening the Stress

ON January 8, Mrs. Amuso’s DCC English classes were treated to a panel discussion with BHS alumni, home on a long break from the stresses, surprises and reality of life as college freshmen.

Victor Cai (Cornell ‘23) inspired the visit. He gathered a group of Mrs. Amuso’s former students to come back to BHS to address seniors’ questions and concerns.

The seniors were both reassured and surprised by the comments the alumni made. Erica Caruso (Towson ‘23) talked about the harsh reality of off-campus night life and the awareness one needs to possess in an urban setting. Will Peterman (URI ‘23) made seniors laugh with tales of a difficult roommate. Olivia Morini (U Kentucky ‘23) spoke honestly about her consideration of transferring to a school closer to home. Brendan Fox (Boston College ‘23) was frank with students about his first semester wake-up call and his decision to rethink his study habits and schedule. Alex Goldberg (Rutgers ‘23) joked about the fact that Rutgers was last on his list while he was considering schools and couldn’t imagine being any happier anywhere else. Irene Kubenik (New Paltz ‘23) discussed the importance of pushing herself to participate in the ice breaker activities that New Paltz hosted (and of course she made us laugh). Meagan Beal (Furman University ‘23) relayed the difficult schedule she follows as a committed student athlete (lacrosse).

The alumni stressed the importance of joining their schools’ Facebook groups. Each one answered the frequently asked questions, “What surprised you most?”, “What did you miss most?” and “What did you find hardest to adapt to?” The seniors were very enthusiastic about inviting the panel to return in May and have already begun to compile their list of questions. Many thanks to the alumni.