Three is Better than One


According to Abriana, a student in the Life Skills program, the definition of a charity is “an organization that helps people.”

Some of the Life Skill students go to the food pantry in Brewster to help out and work. The students give the organization their time, as charities don’t always ask for money – sometimes, they simply ask for time.

The Life Skills students love to give whenever they can. Over the course of the year, they found the time to raise $768.92 through various fund-raising projects. The students chose not only one, but THREE charities to support with the funds they raised. The decision was made amongst all of the students – no student’s choice was ignored.

The selected charities are: the Putnam County Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Help Our Military Heroes.

Ms. Chamberlain and Ms. Schneider outlined a web to guide the students in researching the charities. Students had to research what the organization’s focus is, where they are located, who they help in the community, and how the students would go about making a donation. Then the students had to include their own opinions about the organization. After completing the web, the students presented the information to their second period classmates.

Kevin L. and Jose E. presented the Humane Society, an organization that “treats with kindness” and helps pets find their “forever homes.” They explained that the animals were abandoned and desperately needed love. They informed their classmates that the Humane Society mainly works with dogs and cats. Jose thinks this charity is a great idea because “it helps pets get adopted.”

Zahin M. and Michael M. studied the Putnam chapter of Habitat for Humanity. This organization “believes in a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” With locations in Carmel, Brewster, Mahopac, and all around the world, they “bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope.”

Kevin K. and Nick C. studied Help Our Military Heroes, an organization which helps wounded veterans, “improving the lives of our wounded military heroes through mobility and independence.” These veterans were wounded on the battlefront while putting their lives on the line to protect the citizens of the United States. Nick believes that we should help the wounded heroes, and Kevin also wants to help the veterans so they can feel appreciated since they have given so much.

Students were originally told that the highest voted charity would receive the money, but the teachers surprised the students with the information that all three charities would receive a portion of the money raised. The highest voted charity, the Putnam Humane Society, would receive $300.00. The second highest voted charity, Help Our Military Heroes, would receive $240.00. And finally, Habitat for Humanity would receive $228.92.

The final step is for the Life Skills class to make a withdrawal of the correct amounts and write a check to each charity. Kevin K. explained that payment must be in the form of checks because “#1 – It’s easier to do it as a check and #2 – You may give the wrong amount of money if given in cash.” The students are excited to be able to make positive changes in their world by giving not only their time to charity, but significant financial donations, as well.

Are you wondering who voted for which charity? Ryan, Mason, Jose, Paul, Adrianna, Mike M., Zahin, Abriana, Courtney and Deke voted for Humane Society. Nick C., Shauna, Justinian, Kameron, Kevin L and Kevin K voted for Help Our Military Heroes and Jenny voted for Habitat for Humanity.