Students Hold Relay for Life to Help Fight Cancer

An annual tradition, BSAC raises money and awareness


Cancer is unfortunately something that has afflicted everyone’s life. Everyone has a loved one who has fought or continues to fight against cancer, and we all know how scary it can be. As someone who has watched loved ones battle cancer, all I want to do is help and support in any way possible.

Every year, Brewster Students Against Cancer, a club here at the high school, helps put together an event called Relay for Life. This annual event has been a staple at Brewster High School for years, and this year’s relay was nothing short of a success.

One of the largest fundraising events in the world dedicated to stopping cancer, Relay for Life brings communities together. Money is donated to the American Cancer Society, and people have the opportunity to play games, walk the track, eat, listen to music, and honor loved ones. This year, there were baked goods, jewelry, snacks, and more to purchase. People also had the opportunity to buy water balloons and pies to throw at people!

Possibly the most well-known aspect of the event is the Luminaria ceremony that takes place toward the end of Relay. People have the opportunity to purchase and decorate a Luminaria Bag in honor of a loved one who had/has cancer. At night, the track is lined with the bags, and a light is put in each bag to illuminate the track.

At 9:30 pm, everyone at the track gathered in the middle and received a glow stick to symbolize the people we gathered to honor. We then took a silent lap around the track to honor and remember cancer fighters.

Relay for Life is a beautiful event, and I thoroughly encourage everyone to get involved.