Spirit Week Wednesday: Cowboys/Aliens!

Our roving reporter continues to hit the streets!

Here’s what your reactions were for the new “Cowboys and Aliens” Day:

How do you feel about Cowboys versus Aliens Day?

Sarah (12): “It’s funky but fun, not what we expected but sometimes you gotta go with it.”
Ash (9): “It’s easy for me, but not for everyone else. It should have been Hawaiian Day instead.”
Christiana (9): “It was good, I feel like it is underrated.”
Will, Aidan, and Joe (11):  “It is an interesting choice to replace Hawaiian Day”
Madison and Edward (12): “I think it’s different, better than the traditional days from the past.”
Clarissa (10): “I really like it.”


What inspired your outfit?

Sarah (12): “I had a lot of green.”
Ash (9): “IDubbbz”
Christiana (9): “I got flannel and I thought it looked cute.”
Will, Aidan, Joe (11): “I was going to do an alien idea, but I ended up deciding to do this instead.”
Madison and Edward (12): “My Wallet.”; “My Dad had the clothes, so I just took them.”
Clarissa (10): “It was a last minute decision. I wanted a theme for my outfit, so I looked in my wardrobe and found a lot of metallic clothing. So that inspired me.”


Would you want Cowboys versus Aliens Day to appear in next year’s Spirit Week?

Sarah (12): “Probably not, maybe just one or the other.”
Ash (9): “No.”
Christiana (9): “Maybe, I think there are better things out there.”
Will, Aidan, and Joe (11): “I’m fine with it.”
Madison and Edward (12): “I think seeing something different next year would be interesting.”; “I think different grades being challenged if different outfits is interesting.”
Clarissa (10): “I wouldn’t mind, but anything else is good too.”