Spirit Week Concludes: Green and White Day and Hallway Decorating Part I!

Our roving reporter has been hitting the street all week.  Time for a wrap up (and a break or our reporter)!

Here are some reflections on the week along with some anticipation for the Pep Rally and game!

What are your thoughts on this year’s Spirit Week?

Andrew (12): “There were a lot of people who wear outfits for the previous day, more so than the last year. And the outfits were more ‘out there’ than previous outfits.”
Angelika (9): “I dressed up for every single day. I felt like I was in a family in this school.”
Jason (11): “ I didn’t like the whole alien thing, but so far it’s been good.”


What has been your favorite day of this week?

Andrew (12): “I would have to say 80s day. Because of how many outfits there were. People were in their workout clothes or jean jackets. A lot of teachers came from the 80s too.”
Angelika (9): “Decades Day”
Jason (11): “ Probably today, because I got to wear my suit.”


Are you excited for the upcoming Pep Rally and game?

Andrew (12): “I’m definitely excited for the Pep Rally and I think we are going to do well in today’s game. The are also going to be a lot of fun skits happening during Pep Rally.”
Angelika (9): “Yes, absolutely.”
Jason (11): “Yeah, I feel like we have a good chance against Somers. And for the show, because varsity has something good cooking.”