Snowmen That Don’t Melt!


The concept of the “Snowman Pot” project came about when Ms. Schneider and Ms. Chamberlain wanted to teach their Period 2 classes how to: collaborate with peers, follow directions, and see a project from beginning to end using real world aspects of business. The project would also be an opportunity for their Life Skills students to practice fine motor skills, listen carefully, and begin to understand what quality of work truly means.

Before starting the process with their students, Ms. Schneider made a model of the snowman pot and then she and Ms. Chamberlain assessed the process. The project consisted of a lot of trial and error while deciding upon the easiest and most efficient method to create the beautiful snowmen.

The students worked at different stations using different skills, with little help from aides or teachers.  The different stations required the following skills: base paint touch up, gluing on ribbons and painting facial features. The students are also responsible for delivering the snowman pots to those who ordered them. The members of the classes alternate jobs so they can formulate opinions about which task they like best and which ones can expand their various skills.  

Courtney preferred to paint the faces on the pots – she wanted to give each snowman a cheery glow. Abrianna especially liked painting the carrot noses on. Abrianna struggled with painting on the smiles, using dots to create curving grins, but the task helped her gain the understanding that not every task will be easy. She will have difficulties in life, but she knows that when she has persevered to accomplish a task, it feels pretty amazing! Courtney had difficulty gluing on the ribbon in a straight line, Courtney soon found that as she kept working on the process, she got better at it. Not all things come easily, but practicing makes it easier.

The money that is collected from the sales are going into a fund for donation to an undecided charity/organization at the end of the year. The group has another two fundraising projects planned before the end of the year. Ms. Chamberlain hopes that the students will be able to choose the destination of the funds, as they are the ones who put in the labor.  

I witnessed a lot of holiday spirit in the work room. Courtney told me she is excited to spend time with her sister, mother, and grandparents baking cookies and opening gifts. Abrianna cannot wait to drink hot cocoa while decorating her Christmas tree with her family. Both girls hope to stay involved with these projects. For now, they are happy to spread holiday cheer among the district and community for just $4 for each snowman pot.