New Mindfulness Room Provides an Oasis for All


This year, Ms. Archer and her Ambassadors thought up and established the Mindfulness Room, an oasis of calm that is available at all times during the day. Its mission is to allow students and staff a space of retreat or respite that can be used to maintain or restore balance in their daily lives. The Mindfulness Room is designed to be used for 5 – 15 minutes, where students and staff can have a quiet place to breathe, focus, and re-center themselves so that they are then able to return to their regular routines. Student Ambassadors are on staff to assist visitors to the MR and offer mindfulness techniques, stress management tools, and skills that hope to bring about peaceful conflict resolution, improved focus & concentration, greater control and awareness of thoughts and emotions, and improved self-regulation and relaxation. While there, visitors may utilize such resources as the singing bowl and chimes, metal and wooden puzzles, coloring paper, Sudoku puzzles, whiteboard markers and magnets, mindful books & cards, photo books, yoga mats and exercises, and guided meditations with headphones. It is located next to the Foreign Language Office, across from room 113. When life feels overwhelming, visit and take a mindful moment.