Lively and Full of Character, Our Lunch Staff Serves Up the Good Word

They’re more than just a pretty face! Now you can greet them by name each and every day. Make sure to thank them for everything they do, as not only do they serve up hot, fresh, nutritious meals, but they also do it with a smile. Pictured, Norma and Patricia.

Kate Vaughan and Jessie Tierney

YOU see them every day. They feed you every day. But do you really know them? They are the “Lunch Ladies” of Brewster High School. And they have more fun than you would guess. Take a look at these women and next time you interact with them, ask them about their favorite bands and their favorite fro-yo flavor and their least favorite lunches.
But most of all, take the time to look at their photos, remember their names, and tell them just how much you appreciate what they do for you every day in the cafeteria. And don’t forget to tell them how pretty they are!

To the Lunch Ladies of Brewster High School: thanks for making our world a little bit brighter!

Writer Kate Vaughan and photographer Jessie Tierney recently caught up with them. Here’s what they learned:

KV: What is the most popular lunch at BHS?
Angie Mancini: Nachos, tacos and pasta. Those are the three most popular lunches.

KV: In your opinion, what is the best fro-yo flavor?
Leanne Budnick: Chocolate, definitely.
Sue DiCanio: Yes, chocolate. And turkey feast is the worst meal!

KV: What’s the best thing about coming to work in the BHS cafeteria?
Patricia Stone: I love being around all the people here, especially the ladies – being around the ladies!
Angie Mancini: I love the ladies that I work with and I love a job that is physical; it keeps me active. And dealing with some of the kids. Some of you kids are nice – not all of you, but some of you.
Norma Aguilar: I like working with the kids. I like seeing the students, especially when they are smiling and when they make me laugh. I think that’s the best.

KV: What is it that keeps the day exciting for you?
Sue DiCanio: Hmmm, probably yelling at Leanne Budnick! (Laughing)
Patricia Stone: Sue keeps the day exciting for us – and the other ladies around me.

KV: It’s always lively down here. What song gets you pumped in the morning?
Angie Mancini: What song gets me pumped? We play a lot of songs here in the morning and we listen to a lot of different types of music, so it’s really not just one song. We love to listen to 80’s freestyle.
Norma Aguilar: Anything by Journey!

KV: What’s the craziest day of the week?
Leanne Budnick: For me, it’s Tuesday.
Patricia Stone: Hmmm, Tuesday, yes, Taco Tuesday.

KV: What is the most memorable exchange you’ve had with a student?
Leanne Budnick: Getting close to a student with special needs, yes, becoming closer with this child.
Sue DiCanio: I would have to say the same – it’s hard, but I would say getting close with a student with special needs.

KV: Do you have any pet peeves?
Norma Aguilar: Yes! The kid who takes the napkins – the kid who takes too many and then drops them on the floor. We try to recycle…

Thanks for all you do!