Brewster’s “Outstanding” NJROTC Program Delivers Again for the 2018 Annual Inspection

Once a year, the NJROTC Annual Inspection brings out the best Brewster has to offer. It’s a chance for parents and the community to not only celebrate our armed forces but also to glimpse the brilliance of the NJROTC program as represented by the students’ dedication to the group, the strong leadership of its officers, and the superior command of its administration. Since the beginning of the school year, this group has worked tirelessly to maintain a strong sense of order and camaraderie, showing great pride for the uniform and for those who have served before them. Year after year, the program delivers a stellar performance during inspection, and this year was no different. Under the guidance of Commander Earl Waidelich and newly appointed Chief Scott Foote, the Brewster NJROTC program cadets look forward to this event every year.

Annual Inspection is a major milestone in each year’s NJROTC calendar. For the 2018 Inspection, the Inspecting Officer was Captain Brian Garrison, a retired Bombardier/Navigator onboard Navy attack aircraft.

There are two phases to AI, with the first being the actual inspection stage which occurs in private. During this closed-door time, the inspector looks at battalion formation, conducting a complete platoon inspection. The second, more public portion, is the ceremonial phase, where NJROTC members present in battalion formation, present the colors, complete a demonstration drill, and end with a pass in review.

Through a tremendous amount of hard work, the program has earned the honors of “Distinguished Unit” 15 times in the past 17 years, with “Unit Achievement” three times, most recently receiving Navy Achievement designation in May 2018 for last year’s AI. With this success, the NJROTC program is proudly looking forward to a strong year with such a great group of dedicated individuals.