BHS Kindness Challenge Ripples Out to Ghana


Back in October, Brewster High School wrapped up a weeks-long kindness challenge inspired by an assembly with Brian Williams, founder of Think Kindness. Williams encouraged our students, as well as many others all over the world, to band together and take part in measurable acts of kindness. BHS responded with a 15 Days of Kindness Challenge and a Global Kindness Challenge. In addition to leaving kind notes around the school, sitting with someone new, or learning how to say thank you in a new language, the students took place in a global challenge, where they gathered hundreds of shoes for children in Africa. This past April, the shoes, along with t-shirts and homemade signs, made it to Aboi, a village in eastern Ghana, where children are not allowed to attend school because they do not have shoes. Now, thanks to the generous efforts of our students, these children are afforded the opportunity for proper education, all inspired by Brian Williams and his challenge.