Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music

A column where our opinionated music critic reviews the current top 10


Another interesting list of ten songs for this issue. They are a little backwards though- the first four should honestly be the last four. Keep reading to find out why!

1) 7 RingsAriana Grande – This song’s sounds all too familiar considering a large portion of the melody is the same as a child’s song. The other parts are unique but are just a track for her to “rap” over. I definitely don’t like the song as a whole as much as some of the others on this album. The message of this song is also a little forgone.

2) Please MeCardi B & Bruno Mars – The chorus has such a good groove and highlights Mars’ amazing range. The topic isn’t very… captivating. Cardi B’s part sounds good, though a little vulgar. I would listen to this again if I needed a pick-me-up, but not if I really wanted to get into some songs.

3) Middle ChildJ. Cole – If all the words in this song were replaced then it may be appealing. Right now this song is a little repulsive. Quite the put-off when testing out a new artist like J. Cole. I’ll give his next song a chance, but I have low expectations.

4) ThotianaBlueface – This track is somewhat catchy and has become a meme. I have neutral feelings about it because it has a good beat but doesn’t dive below the surface. Considering the song itself is only two minutes long, there isn’t much to talk about.

5) SuckerThe Jonas Brothers – The Jonas Brothers are finally back together and they start off with the perfect song! This song is upbeat, sly, and 100% a song to dance to. It’s a little repetitive, but I think that adds to the drive and keeps the energy up. The song isn’t unique per se (I’ve heard similar melodies and techniques), but for a group coming back into the music world again, I think it’s successful. It’s great to see this group back together and that they’re starting off on a high note.

6) TequilaDan + Shay – I just had to review this song, I love it so much. The verses roll along then crash like a wave into the chorus. The lyrics are quick enough that I get excited when I can learn them enough to sing along, which adds to their effect of holding out the end of the word “tequila” at the end of choruses. The vocals in the final chorus make me smile because they are perfect for the song and quite impressive. The acoustic aspects of the song with violins, too, are also what made me fall in love with this song, aside from the fact that it’s a love song.

7) BetterKhalid – This is such a Khalid song and I love it just as much as the others. The harmonies, background singers, tracks beneath the raw emotional vocals all blend together to make it a song that can bring feelings to the surface of one’s heart. It’s nice to hear a song from him that’s more about happiness and less about heartbreak, and I’m amazed that he can control the audience’s emotion by singing about goodness as well as singing about sadness.

8) Dancing With a StrangerSam Smith & Normani – From the beginning, I knew this wasn’t a typical Sam Smith beat. The more I listened, the more I saw that this is clearly another form of song Smith can dominate. I think Normani is the perfect artist to have on this track. Not only does the melody suit her, hers and Smith’s vocals mesh perfectly – especially considering their vocal ranges and the relaxed mood of the song.

9) Sweet But PsychoAva Max – I wonder who Max is talking about here, because she is painting quite the picture of this girl. Whenever I hear this song, I feel like dancing just because of the nature of the beat and the melody. It’s strong and works well with a routine. Normally the lyrics would bore me, but they are slightly twisted and draw me into the characterization of this girl as “sweet but psycho.”

10) Beautiful CrazyLuke Combs – One of the main things that stands out to me about this song is how the chorus quickly rushes in the first time it plays. I had never heard of Combs before listening to this song to review, but his vocals are quite intriguing. I have to admit: this is a typical country song, but I see why it made it to the Top 10. Beautiful indeed.

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