Horoscopes for December 2016

These dates reflect the inclusion of Ophiuchus, the newest zodiac sign discovered by NASA.


AquariusFeb. 17 to March 11 – It’s time to embrace yourself Aquarius! Everything is finally falling into place. A victory finally happens today, with someone’s help. You haven’t had this much energy and momentum since 2014, so enjoy this time! Between now and December 20th, you can accomplish great things, so don’t let anything stop you.

PiscesMarch 12 to April 18 – Balancing private time with all the new people that are coming into your life is a challenge this week. You will meet someone on Monday that could very much intrigue you. But take your time and feel it out don’t jump right into it. An action-oriented Mars moves into your zone of privacy and intuition and encourages you to to get in touch with your feelings. Don’t make any big decisions in your life but instead feel things out.

AriesApril 19 to May 13 – You deserve to pump the brakes a little bit and just enjoy life, so give yourself permission to bask in the glow and not push yourself too hard. Energetic Mars moves into Aquarius on Wednesday so you step back and let loose a little. You are also able to prioritize time with your friends and allies. It feel good to be in sync with your family and friends. The rewards you have been working so hard for are arriving now so you won’t have to put in too much effort. A spontaneous getaway is just what the doctor ordered.

TaurusMay 14 to June 21 – Things go from hot to hotter this week. So enjoy this exciting momentum. Things get even sweeter after Wednesday when active Mars moves into your zone of fame and success. Between now and December 19, there is nothing stopping you from getting your name out into the world in an exciting way, so take this opportunity to show everyone what you most proud of. Love thrives this weekend as you start to reach out of your comfort zone.

GeminiJune 22 to July 20 – This week feels like a breath of fresh air. You have been waiting on the final details of a project to come together and on Monday, the last pieces of the puzzle could fall into place. Things won’t feel quite so arduous after Wednesday when assertive Mars moves into free-thinking Aquarius. Let your adventurous side play for a while this week. Venus moves into your privacy zone this weekend so some old feelings can show up.

CancerJuly 21 to Aug. 10 – Romance takes center stage this week. A spark that you have been feeling could turn into something more on Monday. Go with what you are feeling and don’t be shy! Also, do some thinking about your inner self that will help channel your energy and help you uncover and resolve issues in the next few weeks.

LeoAug. 11 to Sept. 16 – Things are shifting this week, so go in the direction of your priorities and deepest values. Do what you’re comfortable with, and tweak things for your own benefit. Teamwork is key after Wednesday when active Mars moves into your zone of relationships. Between now and December 19th you can cement key alliances and partnerships. So have fun and don’t give up.

VirgoSept. 17 to Oct. 30 – Your creativity and intelligence shine right now, so put on your biggest smile and embrace exciting fresh energy this week! Communicating clearly, especially in realm of relationships or artistic projects, is important on Monday. Take a leadership role and celebrate your achievements. Your love life thrives this weekend, especially if you’re brave enough to open up about difficult emotional situations.

LibraOct. 31 to Nov. 23 – This is an important week, especially for family matters. You have made some big realizations about some personal matters and this is the week to set boundaries and make changes. If you are single, between now and December 19, you are sure to make some exciting love connections. Go for the person who gets your unique sense of humor.

ScorpioNov. 24 to Nov. 29 – This is going to be one of your favorite weeks of the fall. A supportive sextile from the sun to your ruler, powerful Pluto, on Monday will break down important barriers and put you on the right track. Focus on spending quality time with family after Wednesday when active Mars moves into your zone of home and privacy. You deserve some peace and quiet. Go get some.

OphiuchusNov. 30 to Dec. 17 – You are trying to escape the routine, dull, and ordinary aspects of your life. You try to find new things that will make your life more exciting and stimulating. But as your are trying to have a better life pressure might be put on you which could cause you to have to slow down a bit and take a breather.

SagittariusDec. 18 to Jan. 20 – Holiday parties and relationships fuel your spirit thanks to positive December stars. Friendships may start to change and morph into other things. Don’t over think it though; that can make things worse. Instead, focus on other things like your goals and intentions. During the week you’re goals and intentions you set now have incredible power to grow.

CapricornJan. 21 to Feb. 16 – Career issues will take command of your life and confuse you. Free will and personal problems dominate this month. You will visit spiritual and sacred places to empty your soul, and to help you with your career. You won’t have a team to help you through this, you are going to h ave to do this by yourself. Good luck and have fun.