Conspiracy Corner Presents: Is the Government Hiding Aliens?

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On June 27th, a Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” was created by Matty Roberts. Although he admitted that it was a joke, the event attracted a widespread media reaction almost overnight. Over two million people had planned on going, hotel rooms were booked, and plans were made. While the event wasn’t necessarily successful, it raises a good question – what goes on at Area 51?

In 1945, Eisenhower authorized the development of a top secret high flying altitude plane to spy on the USSR. In order to avoid being shot down by the Soviets, the government created the U-2 aircraft. At the time, typical planes flew at around 10,000 feet, and military planes flew at 40,000 feet. The U-2 aircraft flew at 60,000 feet. The government wanted to keep this a complete secret, and picked Area 51 as a test site for this new aircraft, as well as various other top-secret projects. When pilots saw the U-2 aircraft above them, it was so far away that they saw only a speck in the sky. They reported it to air traffic control, which is why the number of UFO sightings went up in the early 50’s. The public couldn’t know about these tests, and the Air Force described the heightened number of UFO sightings as a “natural phenomena,” or “high altitude weather research.” The testing of the U-2 ended in the late 50’s, but Area 51 remains to this day. The government still uses Area 51 as a test site for new aircrafts, but the public isn’t completely sure that aircraft testing is the only thing that happens there.

I mean, if they’re just testing aircrafts, then why is Area 51 kept such a secret? Up until 2013, all of this information about Area 51 was classified. The location still doesn’t show up on public maps, and is rarely acknowledged by the government, which obviously raises suspicions. What’s really going on in Area 51?

According to past Area 51 employee Annie Jacobsen, nuclear bombs were kept and tested there, as well as secret bunkers and an extensive underground train system. Area 51 workers apparently study the effects of radiation, as well as work on radical aviation technology.

Based on Jacobsen’s account, it’s entirely possible that the government could be studying alien life in Area 51. It would almost fit right in with the confirmed information. I can say with almost complete certainty, that the government is studying extraterrestrial life, but they’re hiding it.

This leads me to the most notable alien cover-up in U.S. history – The Roswell Incident.

Sometime before June 14th, 1947, something crashed in the fields of Foster Ranch, which was northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. On July 4th, Mac Brazel, a rancher, visited the site. He saw debris everywhere, as well as unfamiliar, non-human-like bodies. On July 7th, Major Jesse Marcel from the U.S. Air Force went to assess the site and recover debris. Marcel reported that the metal of the object was unlike anything he’d ever seen before, “It felt like you had nothing in your hands, it wasn’t thicker than the foil out of a pack of cigarettes, but the thing about it that got me was that you couldn’t bend it, you couldn’t even dent it, even a sledgehammer would bounce off of it.” On July 8th, 1947, an official press release stated that the Air Force had a “flying saucer” in their possession. No details were given, but the following day, another statement was released. This one stated that it wasn’t a flying saucer, it was a weather balloon. A picture of Marcel inspecting the debris was released, and the world forgot.

In 1994, the Air Force admitted that it was a cover-up, but not an extraterrestrial one. They claimed that it was not a weather balloon but a top secret airborne monitoring system that detected far away nuclear tests being conducted by the Soviets.

In 1997, another report was published, stating that the “alien bodies’’ reported by the eyewitnesses were just test dummies that were used to study the effects of crashes in the 1950’s.
This version could be believable, but there are a few key details that invalidate this story. First off, test dummies were used in the 50’s, but the crash occurred in 1947. The alien bodies were under 4 feet tall, while the test dummies were 6 feet tall. The government wrote this off as simple confusion by the eyewitnesses. But all of these explanations seem unrealistic. On top of this, all records from January through October 1947 were destroyed; no one knows why or by who. In 2008, Sgt. William C. Ennis came forward and said, “It was a spaceship, after all those years, I still don’t know how that ship flew, there was no engine!” And the public officer who released the original cover-up photo admitted that the picture of Marcel viewing the debris was a hoax, and that “actual crash materials were placed with weather balloons.”

This whole situation is just more evidence that the government knows something that we don’t – and they want it to stay that way. The rancher who originally viewed the debris randomly disappeared, and the whole incident itself basically faded into obscurity. The government did their best to keep it a secret, but the people who were involved just couldn’t let the information go unknown. This just makes me think – what else is the government hiding? Or more importantly – what is the government hiding at Area 51?

Weather balloon? Alien spacecraft? Granny’s tin foil hat? Who knows what exactly they were examining in this photo. Or claim to be examining…