Don’t Make Me Leave – A Senior Year Series II of IV


Anaya Marte, Editorial Board

It has been four years at BHS. That means that us birds must now leave the nest and find new beginnings whilst trying to end the chapter of adolescence. Though you’ll hear many say, “I can’t wait to leave,” and “I can’t wait for my future,” there’s a large number of us who simultaneously have the desire to remain here. Why? Well, speaking with many of my peers, I’ve found that there are many reasons why people want to stay and will miss Brewster.
College—Given that now is the time where applications dwindle in numbers, and application decisions are sent out, it becomes a gut-wrenching reality to some. The same chromebook that’s been used for Kahoot!,, and Coolmath, becomes filled with emails, scholarships, and finances. It may be difficult to switch your mindset from high school to college and the future, which is to be expected.
Familiarity—Regardless of how long some people may have attended Brewster Schools, whether that be their whole lives or a year, connections have the potential to not only build, but prosper. We have now reached that time in our lives where independence is at a new high. Becoming comfortable not only at school, but around town is what makes Brewster feel like home to so many people. Having the same people around, even those you no longer speak to, can feel almost comforting because you still know them. We have all been together for what feels like forever, that the thought of possibly leaving cross country in 4-7 months seems like, for a lack of better words, an absolute joke.
Fear of Growing Up—Even now, many of us say the sentence, “Let me ask my (parent or guardian)” at least once a day. There will inevitably be a point in time where that will not be the leading thought in your head. Making decisions for oneself, paying for absolutely everything, or even simply going to the doctors seems unreal. And for many, this realization may be scary.
All things considered, every single 2023 senior here at BHS has the capability and strength to be a successful adult both in college and beyond. Learn about yourself, what you like and don’t like, what your strengths and weaknesses are. Approaching graduation, committing to colleges, and just living a brand new lifestyle is the one of the biggest changes in a person’s life. Making tough decisions is an inevitable part of growing up, but the most important thing to keep in mind is the idea that you are making decisions not just for your future, but for your present AND future happiness. Of course we all want to do great, but you can only do so great when you’re limiting yourself to things that you think should feel right. I’ve always said, “You are the most important person in your life, so treat yourself like it.” This means, you are allowed to be selfish. You are allowed to think about what YOU want for your future, not anyone else. Other factors such as family, finances, and uncertainty will absolutely play a role, but to keep your mind as sane as can be, reach out to any resources you may have! We are so lucky to have guidance counselors, experienced teachers, friends, family, and more that can provide us with insight and help guide us in the direction we’d like to go. It will not hurt to try something new, to talk to more people, and to open our minds to other possibilities!
To be truly successful, is to be happy. I believe that once someone allows themselves to listen to their heart, mind, and gut when making decisions or dealing with emotion, they begin finding peace in their lives. It is okay to struggle with the acceptance of this new chapter of life, and of course it’ll be bittersweet for most, however this is now about YOU. The anxiousness of such a big change may attempt to deter you from going through with it, but being confident in yourself and strengths can allow you to feel more comfortable with the decision you make, and the journey you’ll be taking. Find pride in what you’ve done. Find joy in what you will do. And find appreciation for the time you’ve spent here.
Although this is not the last newspaper of the year, I want to say that I have complete confidence in all 215 of you, and wish nothing less than the absolute best this world has to offer.