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What to Wear – Warm Up this Winter

As we begin to approach winter, we’ve got some new and old fashion trends that you might see someone wearing down a school hallway, or even in a post on Instagram. Some of these things are comebacks from past decades, and some were just brought to the spotlight by Gen Z. Whether you’re a Lululemon girl, a Vanilla girl, or even just someone who throws on a sweatshirt and sweatpants every day, take a look below to see some items that you might want to go shopping for this upcoming season.


You’ve probably already seen a few girls wearing these in your class or at least in the hallways. Just like last year, vests are commonly being worn with numerous types of outfits. Vests are being worn with outfits such as the casual “sweatshirt and leggings,” the “crop top and jeans,” or the “crewneck and sweatpants” (if you want to go extra baggy). In my opinion, vests are so cute and can go with almost anything. As long as you’re careful with the outfit you’re putting together, you can look so good this winter!

Ugg Minis

Tons of students lately have been wearing Ugg minis to school. As opposed to last year where the Tasmans were the newest trend, this year, many are buying the Ugg minis. The Ugg minis come with various colors and platforms, making them fun to wear and easy to pair with outfits. These adorable boots go great with anything, even if it’s just a “sweatshirt and pajama pants” type of day.

Flare Leggings

Have I not mentioned that flare leggings are back in once again? These lovable pants go great with everything, and can be bought from almost anywhere! There are so many types of flare leggings, ranging from styles to colors. Flare leggings are one of the most comfortable pants to wear, especially as we approach winter climates.

Stanley Cups

You may have seen girls passing by with these ginormous cups whether it’s down a hallway or in the mall. Despite their gigantic size, you cannot deny the fact that these Stanley’s are cute. Stanley’s are a lovable accessory to outfits, making you look more preppy and stylish for the school year. And yes, I said it: Stanley’s aren’t just meant for winter time. You can use them year-round. So go out and get a Stanley, or go buy one online. Trust me, with a Stanley in your hands, you’ll look more fashionable in no time!

PacSun Sweatshirts

Personally, I love those giant zip-up sweatshirts from PacSun. It doesn’t matter if you’d rather go to the mall or shop online: you can get them either-or. PacSun sweatshirts go great with anything due to their neutral colors and basic designs. They also go great with tons of different outfits, regardless of whether you want to wear one with sweatpants or with a shirt and jeans. In case you don’t have time to shop at PacSun or you just don’t feel like it, you can also find these adorable sweatshirts and zip-ups at Brandy Melville, which is owned by PacSun.


Since we’re going into winter, of course I had to add sweaters! Sweaters have always been in style and looked fantastic on everyone. Almost everyone loves them because of how cute and comfortable they are. You can find dozens of these comfy tops anywhere, however, you might want to check out Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Francesca’s in particular. Don’t you think it’s wonderful how sweater weather is back?

Even if you like these cute, little trends or not, choose to wear whatever makes you happy! There are so many other pieces of clothing and accessories beyond these, but this is just some inspiration to get you started for winter. Make sure you dress warm and cozy for this upcoming season, and please don’t go outside wearing a crop top on a 30 degree day!

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