Our (Arguable) Top 10 in Music – Summer Edition

A column where our opinionated music critic reviews his (or her?) LAST current top 10


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Welcome BHS, to something normal! Bear Facts hopes you are all staying healthy and safe. I hope you have been listening to music to help you stay sane. If you have not heard these songs before (which is almost impossible), I recommend you give them a shot. This is one of the best line-ups we’ve had!

1) SavageMegan Thee Stallion ft. Beyoncé – This song has absolutely blown up online, specifically as a Tik Tok trend. When I first heard the popular section, I thought it was cool but nothing much. My opinion completely changed when I experienced the rest and Beyoncé’s incredible voice. She brings the song to another level.

2) Say SoDoja Cat ft. Nicki Minaj – Doja’s airy voice in the chorus with the punch of the electric guitar mix to make a really interesting vibe. Doja and Minaj’s rapping give the song another edge that adds complexity. Parts of the lyrics are nasty, but overall, the music is pleasurable.

3) Blinding LightsThe Weeknd – Starting with a very 80’s-esk beat, this song builds and flows seamlessly to create an electrifying atmosphere. The lyrics are somewhat repetitious, but The Weeknd is able to keep his singing very captivating. This is such a fun song to listen to.

4) RockstarDaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch – A good tune ruined. The guitar in the background is very romantic and soothing. The rappers, on the other hand, do not keep with the pulse or pace their syllables. The topic of the lyrics isn’t very meaningful or pleasant either. This song shouldn’t be listened to directly, but as white noise, it would do great.

5) Toosie SlideDrake – For some reason, this song reminds me of a spoken word performance. Drake’s voice sounds like singing and rapping at the same time, and with the bass flow it creates a really cool atmosphere. This song is neither captivating nor passionate, but it isn’t awful on the ears.

6) Life Is GoodFuture ft. Drake – I feel like I’m listening to the same song; I swear the bass line is the same. When Future comes in, it becomes very difficult to pay attention to what I’m listening to. I only pick my ears up once in a while when he says colorful words unexpectedly. Next thing you know, it’s over. Wonderful.

7) Don’t Start NowDua Lipa – If you want to get into a good mood, and be moved by chord changes, this is the song for you. In many songs, the bass becomes lost in the sound, but here the bass player is given a spotlight that really makes the song. Dua Lipa sounds amazing as always; this is a really fun track.

8) IntentionsJustin Bieber ft. Quavo – I would have guessed this was written by Dan and Shay, it is so romantic and cutesy. The instrumentals sound like they are from an outer space unicorn, and definitely create that plush feel. Quavo brings the song back to the real world for a second, but overall this song is quite perplexing yet mind-soothing.

9) Gooba6ix9ine – I think the only reason this song is in the Top 10 is because it is the first week and everyone just wanted to see what this dude was going to release. I guarantee it will plummet on the charts tomorrow. There is no substance: just a cranky boy yelling and letting his frustration out in an aggravated fashion.

10) Adore YouHarry Styles – Simple, happy and enchanting. Styles puts together rock, pop and grooviness to produce such cool songs that keep feet tapping and heads nodding. The topic of the lyrics is passionately caring for someone else, which makes the music all the better.

Reader Requested
RobberyJuice WRLD – This song is so passionate, you can feel Juice’s pain in his words and how he sings. Unlike some of his other songs, it is very easy to understand what he is saying, and any slight fumbles only add to the confusion of Juice’s mind and heart. Very meaningful.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, or should I say opinionated, over the last four years with me. We have been through so much music together, good and bad, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other group of kids. It has been an honor to be your music writer. I will still be doing this in college, assuming the staff there is as wonderful and accepting as the Bear Facts staff has been, and that they give me the opportunity to criticize popular music for four more years.

Even though the year is over, we still want to hear from you! Let us know what songs you think will make it into the top 10 next issue, or some songs that you want to see be reviewed in the paper by emailing [email protected] or by leaving us a note in our dropbox on the second floor.