Oscars and Grammys Fashion Lists – Our Picks for Best and Worst


Alexandra Schajer, Editorial Board

March and April are big months for awards shows for celebrities, including two of our biggest awards shows for the year: the Oscars and the Grammys. Seeing as these events receive a lot of publicity, and a place to show off your red carpet looks, it’s the time to really let it shine, and to pick out your best outfits to strut across the runway. This year, many people did bring it, but many didn’t quite meet the mark. There were a lot of wins in this selection, but there were also some looks we thought might’ve been an April Fools’ joke. Here’s this year’s best and worst looks for the Oscars and Grammys awards:

The Oscars Best

Demi Singleton

Starting out with a bang, Demi Singleton wore this stunning lilac gown by Miu Miu that was the perfect transition into spring look. She was glowing on the carpet, and allowed the dress to speak for itself, rather than wearing any statement jewelry. While personally, I’m usually not a fan of the ombre flower or sequin look, this dress did an amazing job with that, making the gown look simple, yet elegant. The look was even more tied together with the matching hair piece, as well.

Lily James

Pink seemed to be the color of the event for the Oscars, which included Lily James in this floral Versace look. This was an absolutely stunning look, showing class and elegance, simplicity and not too extravagant, but also a touch of flair with the form fitting dress and the cape like train in the back. Her silver necklace was the perfect touch for this look, and the only thing different would’ve been a more bold earring choice, as opposed to the pearl earrings shown. Still, this was an incredible look for the carpet, even down to the matching color shoes.

Serena Williams

Another amazing pink look on the carpet this year was Serena Williams, wearing this stunning Gucci gown to the Oscars. Everything about this look tied together, with the black floral design at the top of the dress, to the black lace gloves, to the lace heels. The minimal use of jewelry was perfect for this look, just showing a little pop of silver. She looked beautiful and confident on the carpet, and rightfully so!

The Oscars Worst


Even though the red carpet is usually Zendaya’s time to shine, she didn’t quite reach the mark with this one. While the pieces might ordinarily look fine separately, they didn’t work with one another, especially on the red carpet. The shirt felt far too casual for the Oscars, and didn’t match with the extremely long glittery skirt at all. While her jewelry matched nicely with the outfit, it just wasn’t Zendaya’s best work.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

There was a lot going on in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s look this year…first off, the figure of this dress isn’t very flattering for her, and has a weird T shape about it. It also has odd shaped gold symbols, sort of resembling snakes down the center, which just look tacky for the look. This was definitely one of the oddest looks of the night, and sort of resembled a chocolate bar in a way. She doesn’t look exactly comfortable in it either!

Billie Eilish

Unfortunately, Billie Eilish missed the mark for this carpet. While she always looks stunning, the outfit just doesn’t match up. This ruffly black gown with the long train in the back just doesn’t seem like a red carpet look, and doesn’t look entirely elegant. We also wish she wore more color in the look, like what she wore during the Met Gala. Still, it’s very different from her usual style, so it’s a nice change to see.

The Grammys Best
Olivia Rodrigo



Olivia Rodrigo definitely stepped up her red carpet game in this gorgeous black dress, with the slight purple accents. The look was bold, and also classy, and definitely seemed to match her Y2k vibe, but also was a perfect Grammys look. The high black gloves also added another touch, as well as the matching black, purple, and silver jewelry, really pulling the look all together.


SZA wore this stunning tulle floral Jean Paul Gaultier gown, leaving a long trail behind her, ensuring that she would get noticed on the carpet. The smile on her face says it all: this look was definitely a hit out of the park, and checked all the boxes for a Grammys look. The flowers only went down the middle of the dress, so they didn’t overrule the dress and make it too busy, but instead just added a little flare to the beautiful look.

Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X is always on our best dressed list, and rightfully so. He wore a custom made Balmain suit, covered in pearls from head to toe, with embroidered butterflies on the front and sides of the suit. The look was elegant, unique, and also a very fitting look for the Grammys. He even matched the look with his inner corner eye makeup and choice of silver jewelry! His looks are always very carefully thought out, and constantly come out on top.

The Grammys Worst
Justin Bieber

You know that time when you were younger and went into your parents closet and tried on their clothes that were way too big on you? That’s what it looked like Justin Bieber did at the Grammys. In this look, nothing seemed to work: the oversized suit, the hot pink beanie, and the platform Crocs. While it’s understandable that Justin has a certain street style, it’s not really a look for the Grammys.

Carrie Underwood
There was way too much going on in Carrie Underwood’s look this year, and we don’t think anything here really went together, or worked altogether. The ombre effect of the mustard yellow into the burnt orange is just not appealing, and the bottom of the dress has a weird cinched up look to it, although it could be that the dress just got caught. The worst part of this look however, would have to be the yellow sash at the top of the gown. It just made the dress look even more tacky, and added nothing to the look.

Dillon Francis
Clearly, Dillon Francis was trying to make some sort of statement with his graphic tee, skinny jeans, slip-on vans, and his choice of accessories being a Walgreens bag with Little Bites. Even though it definitely wasn’t an appropriate look for the Grammys, it was pretty funny, and I’m sure he got some stares that night. Still, Dillon definitely makes our list for the worst dressed at the Grammys this year.